Monsoon is one of those seasons that is loved by some and hated by the rest. Though the monsoon season would have a partial likeness to it, the season's special delicacies which get famous are everyone's favourite. Meaning to say only a few people wait for the rains whereas everyone waits for that spicy bhajiyas and coal-roasted bhuttas.

This cloudy weather demands some famous dishes. Hence, let us discuss the top 7 foods that you must relish during this season. 

Must-try Dishes during Monsoons!

When it thunders and showers during the rainy season, our bellies also thunder with hunger. Have you ever thought about what makes the monsoon season different from the others? Have you ever thought about what makes us crave a variety of food items? Well, nobody knows the reason behind it, but thanks to the beautiful climate that allows us to devour the below-mentioned dishes without being conscious about our diet plans.

1) When CHAI met Toast:

Masala Tea

No we are not talking about the music band here! Imagine yourself drenched and cold on a monsoon morning. You stop by and find a tea stall across the street. Your first thought is to grab that hot cup of chai and sip it carefully. This one drink beats all the other drinks when it comes to monsoon season. This drink is sure to improve your mood and give you a fresh start to the day. You could also make a tapri-tasting chai at home. Follow this recipe to make masala tea at home.

2) Crispy Bhajiya:


The best accompaniment with Chai is bhajiyas on any given day. The hot and crispy bhajiya will take the monsoon game to another level altogether. To top that off, spicy fried green chillies with pudina (mint) chutney will level up the taste game.

3) Bhutta:


Bhutta is nothing but coal-roasted corn that has the essence of a smoky flavour. The bhutta is then topped with a thick paste that includes chilli powder, chaat masala, melted butter, and a dash of lemon juice. This recipe has the perfect balance of sweetness, spice and tanginess, enjoy it during a chilly monsoon day!

4) Bhaji Pav:

Bhaji Pav

Another food item to eat during the rainy season is this popular dish - Aamchi Mumbai Style Pav Bhaji. The hot and spicy bhaji is served with soft and buttery tava fried pavs. The combination of spicy bhaji, pavs, and chopped onions is delicious, and it's even better when eaten while watching the rain or after getting drenched.

5) Vada Pav:

Vada Pav

This is another recipe from Mumbai which is quite famous all across the world. Hot vadas stuffed in soft pavs are served with spicy chutneys and green chillies to give you an all-around spicy feeling. There's something about the combination of vada pav and the monsoon that makes it an all-time favourite of most people; this is one item that should not be missed during the monsoon and should preferably be eaten on the street side to get the full satisfaction.

6) Idli-sambhar:

Idli- Sambhar

This traditional South Indian dish is ideal for the rainy season and is also nutritious. Well, idli served with hot and spicy sambhar is sure to hit the spot and pair well with the cold monsoon winds.

7) Hot Soup:


Ah! The sensation of hot soup flowing down your throat as it rains is unparalleled, and it elevates your mood. The warm sensation on the inside and the cold sensation of rain on the outside combine to create an ideal experience. 

We hope that after reading this list, you've already added more dishes to your list of things to eat during the upcoming monsoon season. Many of you may have already tried some of the dishes mentioned above; if so, please don't forget to share this blog with someone who hasn't tried these dishes yet.