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Blended Spices

▶ Spices are to Indian cooking what milk is to cheese... they are inseparable and indispensable.

▶ Blended spices are spice mixes. When a particular mix of spices is required in a recipe, it is easier to combine these ingredients ahead of time. Blended spices allow you to add an interesting combination of flavors with a single measure, giving boring meals new life.

▶ Explore Indian kitchens, and you will find blended spices in abundance. It is because we cannot imagine Indian food without it. Spices and the piercing spark they provide to our palate distinguish our meals from other cuisines. If you like eating Indian food but are unfamiliar with the many spices that go into it, start with the pre-blended Indian spice mix. It will make your life much easier, trust us.

▶ The most famous Indian blended spices are Chaat Masala, Pani-Puri Masala, Pav-Bhaji Masala, Kitchen King Masala, etc.