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Founder’s Message

I believe, my God dwells in the hearts
of the people with whom I deal.
Only if I can cheat my
God sitting in the temple,
will I cheat my customers.

I want my country to move ahead with
pride and its people to stay healthy.
That’s why, my business will always deliver
Quality-certified products and will always stay
away from contamination and corruption.

- Late. Shri Bapulal Bhandari
   Founder, Vasant Masala Pvt. Ltd.

The Story of Vasant Masala

The brand name ‘Vasant Masala’ is taken from the name of Smt. Vasantiben Bhandari – wife of Shri Bapulal Bhandari.

The journey of Vasant Masala began in 1970. Shri Bapulal Bhandari began a home industry in a small village Jhalod in Gujarat. Continuing on his inspiration, we then adopted several new technologies and emerged as a renowned brand in the epoch of packaged spices. Today, due to immense demand, our spices are also exported to outside countries including the USA and UK.

The Essence of Purity

Purity defines good-quality. Hygiene. Freshness.

But for us, it is much more than that! Pure is our mother’s love and so are our spices!

Vasant Masala offers a variety of exotic spices that are as pure as the mother’s love. They permeate the flavours and enhance the aroma of your meals.

Used in a million of kitchens every day, our spices have been popularizing India’s rich and age-old culture since many years. Started from a home industry in 1970, Vasant Masala has become the stalwart in the arena of spices.

Amazon Award 2019

We are proud to announce that we have made it through the top 10,000 selling partner clubs. We have always aimed to deliver the purest spices to our customers all over the world and receiving this certificate has only proved that our dedication and hard work of many years have finally paid off. As a Vasant Masala family, we highly acknowledge it and promise to perform with the same zest and consistently.


Factory Operations & Logistics

We pay extra attention while selecting the premium-quality raw spices. Right from cleaning them to evenly grinding and packaging – everything is taken care of by the advanced machineries in our factory premises, spread in the area of around 40000 sq. ft.


The Promise of Quality

Our machineries are fully-automatic which require no human touch. The purity and richness of our spices is the result of advanced technology, maintained quality standards and rounds and rounds of uncompromised hygiene checks.


Technology & Process

Our manufacturing process is looked after by expert technicians who guarantee the finest quality of products. As spices lose their flavour & colour in ordinary grinding machinery, we use Cool Grinding Technology which keeps flavour and taste intact over a long period of time.

Vasant masala certificate