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Shuddhata Aisi, Mamta Jaisi

Indian cuisine has a legacy of great taste and rich flavours which is why it is savoured all across the world. To carry forward this legacy of great taste, we started Vasant Masala in 1970. Today, with around 50+ years of experience, we have become a top spice supplier in the Indian spice industry.

Having the vision to deliver the purest, we choose only naturally-grown raw materials. Our authentic exotic spices infuse the flavours and enhance the aroma of meals. Generally, the flavours of spices fade with time but we use the combination of advanced technologies and traditional methodologies which ensure intact taste and flavours throughout the year. We are very proud that our products are used worldwide in a million of kitchens to add zest to their meals.


  • Rich in flavor
  • Uniformly blended
  • Hand-picked & Triple-sifted
  • Cool Grinding Technology
  • Hygienic storage
  • Stringent cleaning process
Available in
  • Consumer packs
  • Bulk packs