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At Vasant Masala, we believe that God resides in the heart of our customers. Hence, we manufacture only quality-certified products to our customers which come with a promise of quality. Such a promise has set us apart in the FMCG industry. It has also helped us to gain the trust of our customers who have helped us expand immensely in the past 50 years.

Having started our journey from a small village of Jhalod, Gujarat in the year 1970, we have expanded our business massively. At present, we have a distributor network of more than 140 distributors across Gujarat, Rajasthan, and Madhya Pradesh who add significant value to our brand. Also, having emerged as a renowned brand of packaged spices, we export our spices abroad, in countries including the USA and Europe. We aspire to grow constantly setting our footprints across India.

If you want to be a part of such growth, then send your CVs and fill the form given below.