Any cuisine, be it an India, Continental, or the Mediterranean all these are incomplete without the addition of flavorful spices. These spices can be in any form of seeds, bark, or ground powder. 

Especially in India, you can find a shelf full of spices in every household because India is a land of culinary ethnic spices. India is one of the largest producers, consumer, and exporter of spices around the world as it produces 75 spices out of 109 spices listed by ISO. Indian cuisine uses both ground spice and whole spices in their dishes, while ground spices enhance the taste and the color of the food, whole spices are used for tempering.

Moreover, these spices not only enhance our dishes but also adds extra nutritional value to the food. Several studies have proved that intaking spices regularly helps in treating a multitude of ailments. A pinch of extremely beneficial spices helps in building the immune system, decreasing cholesterol, and many more. They help in maintaining overall health.

Here are 5 Health Boosting Magical Spices: 

 1. Turmeric to Fight Inflammation

 Turmeric Powder, which is also known as Haldi powder is considered a sacred spice and used in many religious               ceremonies. It has many medicinal properties, and so it is highly regarded by Indians as a home remedy for treating liver and   stomach related issues. It's main component i.e., Curcumin has anti-inflammatory properties, which helps in reducing pain   and swelling in people with arthritis. 

 2. Asafoetida for Healthy Digestion

 Asafoetida AKA Hing or Heeng is a dark brown dried gum resin full of unique flavor and aroma. A strong Asafoetida aids   digestion issues and relieves flatulence. The antioxidant properties present in asafoetida helps in defeating indigestion   problems. Moreover, experts suggest that drinking water with a pinch of Hing can also give immediate relief from heartburn. 

 3. Cinnamon to Lower Blood Sugar

 Cinnamon AKA Dalchini comes from the bark of the cinnamon tree and is especially great for people who have high blood   sugar as it may curb blood sugar by lowering insulin resistance. It also adds a sweet flavor to food without adding sugar. 

  4. Cumin to Purify Blood

  Cumin powder is one of the five spices in the Bengali panchporan (five spice) mixture. Cumin is a rich source of iron and   helps as a natural blood purifier. It has been proved extremely useful in the formation of haemoglobin and red blood cells.   Cumin also has many other medicinal properties that help in treating digestive disorders, morning sickness, insomnia, and   flatulence. 

 5. Chili Pepper to Ease Pain

 Chili Powder is used to give wonderful warmth to the dish and also it provides you with many health benefits. They are full of   anti-oxidants and so they help relieves from pain, promote weight loss, treats diarrhoea and intestinal diseases, and reduces   the risk of cancer. Various types of chili powders (Mirchi powder) are available in India like White Mirchi, Kashmiri   MirchiLal  Mirchi, etc.

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