Sambhar powder is a spice mix popular in southern India. It's used to prepare Sambhar, a sauce made of veggies and boiled lentils and flavoured with tamarind puree and sambhar powder. It's served with almost every South Indian dish, be it rice, dosa, idli, or vada. 

A South Indian restaurant would be incomplete without sambar. Unlimited sambar is offered at most of the restaurants big and small in any part of South India at any time!  

Lentils are the major ingredient in sambar. The condiment, on the other hand, is what gives sambar its personality and vibrancy. Sambar's legendary position is owed, in part, to the sambar powder. 

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What is Sambar Powder?

Sambar powder is a spice mix popular in southern India. It's used to prepare Sambhar, a broth made of veggies, boiled lentils and flavoured with tamarind puree and sambar powder. It's served with almost every South Indian dish, be it rice, dosa, idli, or vada. 

Each state in the South cooks it in its own unique way, tailored to the local palate and surroundings. Similarly, each family has their own unique version of this homemade spice-sambhar powder, with components adjusted to their chosen amount of spiciness. The availability of ready-to-use sambhar powder has made sambhar cooking easier and faster in recent years.

Toor dal, red chillies, cumin seeds, coriander seeds, peppercorns, fenugreek seeds, turmeric, and dried curry leaves are some of the most common ingredients in sambhar powder. Before being processed into fine powder in a mixer-grinder, the ingredients are either sun-dried for a few days or dry-roasted (individually) until aromatic. 

Sambar Powder- Ingredients

The ingredients in sambar powder vary; however, the following are common ones: 

Because of these ingredients, sambar powder is a strong and fiery spice mix with a strong aroma. Although, the intensity of spiciness in each combination differs.

Sambar Powder- Health Benefits

Sambar might give a variety of health advantages in addition to its sour and spicy flavour. This spice powder is high in vitamins and minerals, and it promotes muscular growth. Sambar is a natural laxative with purifying qualities, making it good for the heart as well as a tasty dinner menu. Sambar powder is a blend of digestive and therapeutic spices, as well as protein-rich lentils

Here are a few more benefits of including Sambar Powder in your diet:

  • Mustard seeds are known to contain anti-inflammatory properties, making them useful in the treatment of psoriasis and contact dermatitis.
  • Turmeric is a potent antioxidant that is known to be particularly useful for liver function. It can aid in the prevention of liver damage caused by pollutants.
  • Both mustard seeds and turmeric have been shown to be effective in the prevention of cancer. Mustard seeds contain isothiocyanates, a type of phytochemicals, while turmeric includes curcumin. Isothiocyanates slows down cancer development, particularly in intestinal and colorectal cancers. Curcumin is considered to have a comparable impact on cancers such as breast, prostate, and liver, among others.

Almost all of the ingredients of sambar powder are high in vitamins and minerals, making it a great resource for supplementing these and other elements in your diet. Sambar powder contains the following nutrients:

  • Red chilli peppers in sambar powder have Vitamin A in abundance. Coriander seeds also have Vitamin A but are less so. 
  • Mustard seeds are a good source of B vitamins as well.
  • Sambar powder has a significant quantity of iron, which may also be found in coriander seeds and chana dal.
  • Mustard seeds are rich in magnesium and contain a lot of selenium.
  • The majority of the ingredients in sambar powder are high in dietary fibre.

Sambar Powder- Storage

  • Keep Sambar powder in an airtight container in a dark location away from direct sunlight at room temperature.
  • Avoid opening the main container every day if you have bought Sambar powder in large quantities.
  • Keep a smaller quantity aside for daily usage, and refill as needed. This will assist in preserving the aroma for a longer period.
  • The shelf life of Sambar powder is usually 12 months, so make sure to use it before that.

Sambhar is a South Indian wonder meal that may best be defined as "delicious health food." The many dals, vegetables, spices, and condiments that make up a standard Sambhar provide the body with all of the nutrition it requires. So, if you love sambar and would like to include in your daily life, go ahead and do it.