Chilli powder is an integral part of the Indian cuisine. The spice is used to add a strong flavour and pungency to the dishes. Additionally, the beautiful colour obtained by adding it is worth the sight! But in spite of this, chilli powder is most prone to adulteration. These adulterants can cause significant harm to the body which can lead to life-threatening diseases in the long run. A few common adulterants include chilli powder are brick powder, salt powder, and talc powder.

Thus, perform these simple tests to check whether the chilli powder you use for your meal is pure or not!

• Are artificial colours present?

Spice markets of the world are prone to the use of artificial colours. These colours are harmful for the body as they can alter the genetic configuration which can lead to a number of disorders. Such chilli powder is largely available in loose packets in the markets across the country. Its bright red colour attracts the crowd and many people end up buying it because of its colour, not realising the harmful effects it has. Thus, always buy packaged spices only. These spices are free from artificial colours and can give the right nutrition to your health.

To check the presence of artificial colour, add some chilli powder to a glass of water. As pure chilli powder is insoluble in nature, it won’t dissolve in water. Moreover, it won’t leave any trace of colour as well. On the other hand, adulterated chilli powder will dissolve in the water and leave a red colour in the water.

• Brick powder is dangerous!

A brick powder is a powder which is often obtained from crushed bricks. The texture and colour of this powder are similar to that of chilli powder. Hence, it is often used as an adulterant. The brick powder is dangerous for health and cause serious consequences to the body if consumed on a regular basis. Thus, it is necessary to check the presence of brick powder in your chilli powder.

There are two ways to check the presence of brick powder. One is to do so by rubbing some chilli powder at the bottom of a glass. If you find any grit or sand there, then the brick powder is present in the chilli powder.

Another way to do so is by adding a few drops of concentrated HCl to a tablespoon of chilli powder. Mix it properly and make a fine paste. Take a matchstick and dip its rear end in the paste and hold it over a flame. If a flame of red colour ignites, then the brick powder is surely present in the mixture.

• Starch or no starch?

Starch is a common component in the red chilli powder. It is heavier in weight and appears bulky and thus, helps in increasing the quantity of the red chilli powder. Though starch is not harmful for the body, it suppresses the nutritional values of the chilli powder and, acting as an adulterant.

To detect Starch, add a few drops of tincture Iodine or Iodine solution to the chilli powder. If its colour changes to blue, then starch is present in the chilli powder.

Thus, be cautious before buying spices. Always go for packaged spices which are manufactured by trustworthy brands so that you consume adulterant-free spices. At Vasant Masala, our spices are manufactured under stringent processes managed by our expert technicians. Hence, our spices are in their purest forms that also lend necessary nutrition to your health. To buy spices online, visit our e-store today! You can also buy them from Amazon, Flipkart, and Paytm mall.