A major percentage of the Indian population still buys loose spices instead of packaged spices. These loose spices might be cheaper in price but can cause considerable harm to your health. On the other hand, packaged spices are made from good quality raw materials and thus, can prove to be beneficial for your health.

Along with these, there are many other reasons which can prove that packaged spices are better than the loose spices. Read about them as below and make the right choice for your family.

1. Purity of spices

Packaged spices are manufactured by major spice manufacturer brands. Being reputed brands, they are responsible for providing authentic spices to their customers. Hence, packaged spices are made with good raw materials under strict supervision. On the other hand,loose spices lack such responsibility and hence, are highly adulterated. This can impact your health in a negative way.

2. Natural aroma and flavour

As packaged spices are packed by proper packaging of their respective brands, they retain their natural aroma and flavour even after a long period of time. But loose spices are not packed.They are exposed to moisture and local temperatures which takes away theirnatural aroma or flavour. Also, as they are not pure, you don’t feel the taste when you consume them.

3. Hygiene

One of the major benefits of packaged spices is that most of themare made in hygienic conditions. These hygiene protocols vary as per the regulations of various brands. At Vasant Masala, we conduct uncompromised hygiene checks on a regular basis. Loose spices lack that as they are made under unhygienic conditions.

4. Authenticity

There are certain spices like Kashmiri red chili powder that have specific origins. Such spices should be made from a specific type of raw materials to maintain their authentic taste and flavour. In the case of packaged spices, such authenticity is assured without any doubts. You can even read about it on their packaging. On the other hand, loose spices are made by unknown sources. Hence, they lack authenticity.

5. Assurance of quality

Packaged spices are produced and managed by major spice manufacturers who have their reputation at stake. Theytake their responsibility of maintaining quality standard seriously and hence, they pay attention to minute details of the manufacturing process. This ensures that these spices are of superior quality made with fine raw materials whereasloose spices are made by random people without anyone taking proper care of the quality.

Being one of the leading spice manufacturers in India, our spices are manufactured with the help of advanced technology under stringent hygiene checks. This keeps the quality of our spices intact for a long period of time. So, explore our wide range of Indian spices now!