If Indian mothers had to pick one spice they can’t cook without, most of them would answer - Mirchi powder. This star spice is well-known to add a sharp taste to the food, making the other mundane food, everyday phenomenal.

Get some useful insight on this mirchi powder here:

• Types of mirchi powder:

In a broad spectrum, two types of mirchi powders are available in the Indian market i.e., Kashmiri mirchi powder and Kumthi Kashmiri mirchi powder.

- Mirchi powder:

Usually, Mirchi powder is made by crushing local chilies which are quite spicy. The pure form of this mirchi powder will contain the crushed mirchi powder and vegetable oil only. Whereas impure form of mirchi powder will contain many ingredients other than these. Thus, it is necessary to determine the purity of mirchi powder before consuming it. One can also buy packaged mirchi powder from reputed brands like Vasant Masala to avail pure Mirchi powder only.

- Kumthi Kashmiri mirchi powder:

Kumthi Kashmiri mirchi powder is made from a special variety of red chilies which are less spicy in flavour but have wonderful red colour. At Vasant Masala, we make our Kumthi Kashmiri mirchi powder from Byadgi chillies which are fetched from the South Indian state – Karnataka. Though they are not much spicy in flavour, the dishes made from this mirchi powder are quite vibrant in colour.

• Uses:

Majorly, Mirchi powder is used in numerous cuisines of the world to make food spicy, healthy, and delicious. It is often used in making a variety of sauces, curries, stews, sabjis, rice preparations, preparations made from flour, etc.

In India, mirchi powder is one of the most essential components of our cuisine. It not only lends the necessary tinge of spice to our food but also lends a beautiful colour to it. When mixed with other spices, the vibrancy of the food increases which makes it appealing to eat. Depending upon the region and its culture, the amount of mirchi powder being used while cooking the food varies.

• Medicinal value of mirchi powder:

The medicinal properties of mirchi powder have been mentioned in Ayurveda since ages. Though this spice has a hot tinge, it is highly beneficial in terms of medicinal value. A few of them have been listed as below:

- Mirchi powder is rich in vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, Vitamin K1, Potassium, Copper, Vitamin A, etc. Thus, if there is a deficiency of any of these components, it balances it off.

- These components also help in healing wounds and reducing cholesterol.

- Mirchi powder also contains an essential chemical compound named Capsaicin which improves the blood circulation and metabolism of the body.

- Mirchi powder can prevent clotting of blood.

-It can inhibit inflammation in your body and protect it from many infections.

At Vasant Masala, we process our mirchi powder in hygienic conditions so that you can get pure mirchi powder only. To buy it, visit our e-store immediately!