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Red Chilli Powder, Iodized Salt, Fenugreek, Mustard Oil, Mustard, Turmeric Powder and Asafoetida


Vasant Masala not only adds goodness to your main course, it also sprinkles deliciousness onto your snacks. Vasant Jeeravan Powder is one of those masalas that give poha, pakoda, dahi-vada, khakhra and other snacks a refreshing taste. More so, its fresh aroma adds zest to the buttermilk.



    1. The taste of poha, khakhra, pakodas, curd, fruit salad, namkeen, etc. get better by sprinkling Vasant Jeeravan Powder on them.
    2. Vasant Jeeravan Powder adds to the taste of corn seeds and makai ki khich when sprinkled on them.
    3. Vasant Jeeravan powder enriches the taste of plain chapattis, parathas, etc. when sprinkled on them.