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This is a vegetarian product.

Vasant Hing

Edible Gum, Wheat Flour, Asafoetida. Wheat Flour 70% Approx.

Hing Description

‘Hing’ is a special spice used in Indian dishes. Its strong flavour and aroma gives a unique edge to a dish. Many a times, if the Hing is not strong enough, then one has to use it in larger quantity and it doesn’t bring out the real Hing flavour. At Vasant Masala, high-quality Hing is imported and is processed under stringent quality control to provide its customer with a strong and flavourful Hing. Thus, with a pinch of Vasant Strong Hing , your dish will become the star dish and tempt the taste buds of every food lover.

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About the Spice:

Asafoetida is native to Afghanistan and Iraq, but it is mostly used in Indian Cuisine. When asafoetida is dried and ground into a spice, the ground form is referred to as hing. Asafoetida or strong hing is basically a latex gum extracted from various species of a perennial herb called ferula. It has a pungent smell and distinct flavour similar to onion & garlic.

Strong hing powder has secured a prominent place in traditional medicine due to its carminative, anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, sedative, and diuretic properties. Because of the therapeutic and curative powers of the strong hing, it is referred to as Food of the Gods.

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Health Benefits of Strong Hing Powder:

  • Loaded with Antioxidants

  • Good for Digestion

  • Reduce the Symptoms of IBS

  • Help Lower Blood Pressure

  • Helps Relieve Asthma

  • Reduce Headache