You cannot certainly imagine an Indian kitchen without coriander. This aromatic spice possesses a distinct aroma and peps up every meal it is added to. Popularly known as Dhania, coriander has successfully made its pathway into the eclectic Indian cuisines, pickles, curries, spice mixes, or as a tadka ingredient in dishes like 'sambhar'. You can consume this traditional herb in the form of - seeds, powder or fresh leaves. 

Little did we know that besides adding a crispy, citrusy flavour to our dishes, these tiny wonders are a powerhouse of nutrients and are bristling with numerous health benefits. Ayurveda preaches coriander powder to have a lot of benefits for your health. Do you know about them? Let us know why coriander works wonder for your health! 

Health Benefits of Coriander Powder:

Coriander powder is infused with Vitamin A, C and K and minerals such as iron, folate, potassium, and manganese. Also, it is enriched with antioxidants and volatile oils like linalool, geraniol, a-pinene, camphene and terpene. It's no surprise that with so many feel-good essentials, coriander powder can work to reduce blood pressure, digestion problems, inflammation and much more. Some other health benefits of coriander powder that you must know are: 

Good for Your Heart

Since coriander powder has a myriad of antioxidants, it stimulates heart functioning and downsizes the risk of heart diseases. With the presence of anti-coagulant and anti-fibrinolytic properties, coriander powder can prevent clotting and blockage in the arteries. Regular consumption of coriander powder increases good and reduces bad cholesterol. Moreover, coriander powder is a natural diuretic, so it flushes out sodium from the body and diminishes high blood pressure. 

Regulates Blood Sugar

Are you a diabetic? If yes, you should add coriander powder into your everyday diet. Coriander powder has the hypoglycaemic property that plays an integral role in reducing the blood sugar level in your body. Essential oils and volatile oils present in coriander powder curbs the release of sugar into the blood and elevate insulin levels. As a result, the starch gets converted into energy and alleviates symptoms related to diabetes like fatigue, frequent hunger pangs, urge to urinate often etc. 

Promotes Good Skin and Hair Health

Anyone experiencing skin infections such as acne, rashes, boils or pimples, coriander powder will be no less than magic for you. Owing to its antibacterial and antioxidative nature, coriander powder will boost your overall skin and hair health. When you add coriander powder to your regular diet, you will be bestowed with glowing skin and prevent ageing signs & premature greying of hair. For healing wounds or curing acne or pimples, apply a coriander paste to the affected area, and get ready to witness amazing results! 

Keeps Infections at Bay

This herb protects the body from various infections due to its surplus of anti-bacterial, anti-septic, and antimicrobial properties. Coriander powder, which is high in essential nutrients such as Vitamin A, C, folic acid, and beta-carotene, can help prevent infections such as common cough, cold, and flu symptoms. Antimicrobial compounds present in coriander fight certain foodborne illnesses too. Because coriander flushes toxins from the body, it's best to cure urinary tract infections. 

Cools your Body

You can drink coriander water to beat the heat and cool your body during summertime. The heat during summers can make you feel dehydrated and that's why ensuring proper hydration is a must. For preparing coriander water, you need to soak a handful of coriander seeds in water overnight. The next morning, strain the seeds and drink the water. Along with beating the heat, coriander water will aid digestion and boost your immunity. 

So, next time you look at coriander powder in your "masala dabba", recall the goodness it will bring to your health and add it to your diet. Get your pack of coriander powder from Vasant Masala, the best spice manufacturer in Gujarat for the last 50+ years. You may like to check out our range of spices.