The Indian Spices that we use in our daily life have become quite popular all around the world, not only due to their flavor but also for their numerous health benefits. During the winter season, when the temperatures drop to bone-chilling degrees, we often find warmth in our kitchen. We tend to gravitate towards the spices that provide warmth in our body and keep us safe from cold & cough. One such spice is Cardamom, which is also known as the “Queen of Spices” in India, along with others like cinnamon, nutmeg, white & Black pepper, etc. This magical spice has a bold pungent flavor and is especially beneficial during the winter season. While some families push this particular spice back of the cabinet during the summer months, some families consume this spice throughout the year.

Here is what you need to know about the Cardamom or Elaichi and its health benefits.

What is Cardamom??

Cardamom belongs to the ginger family, while the other members of this family are well-known for their roots, Cardamom is best-known for the flavors found in its fruits and seeds. The Cardamom pods are hand-picked just before ripening. It comes in brown (oven-dried), green (sun-dried), and white (bleached) forms. The main yielders of Cardamom are India, Sri Lanka, and Guatemala, while the largest consumers are India & Scandinavia. Cardamom is an expensive spice, third only to Saffron & Vanilla.

Origin of Cardamom

Cardamon is a rich ancient spice with a far-reaching history. It was first mentioned in Indian Ayurvedic texts. Then, Cardamom's strongly flavoured and aromatic seeds were believed to have healing qualities – lifting spirits, reducing pain, restoring vitality, and inducing a calm, meditative state of mind were among the few.

It’s said that the Egyptian queen Cleopatra found the aroma of Cardamom so enticing that she had her palace scented with its smoke when the Roman general Mark Antony came to visit. The ancient Egyptians bit cardamom seeds as a tooth cleaner; the Greeks and Romans used it as a perfume for centuries. The Vikings came upon this magical spice about one thousand years ago, during raids on Constantinople, and introduced it to Finland and its Scandinavian neighbours, where it remains popular to this day.

There are several health benefits of incorporating this magical spice into your daily diet, especially during the winters. Here, we have assembled a list for you: 


1- Maintains Blood Pressure: Maintaining the proper blood pressure can be difficult during the winter season as physical activity is reduced on cold days. Eating a minimum of two cardamoms pods every day can help in maintaining desired blood pressure levels in winters. The diuretic and antioxidant properties of Cardamom play a major role in that.

2- Boosts Immunity: It is a well-known fact that Cardamom protects one from common cold and cough during winters. Both cough and cold are synonymous with low immunity levels as we are aware that winters and immunity do not share the most amicable relationship. Cardamom has anti-inflammatory properties, which boost immunity and eliminate the possibility of catching any infection in winters.

3- Anti-inflammatory Properties: Common infections like cold and cough can lead to inflammation in the respiratory tract. The anti-inflammatory effects of cardamom can help treat these conditions.

4- Aids Constipation: Cardamom also relieves the problem of constipation. Consuming Cardamom to an extent can avoids constipation problems. The key here is to take Cardamom daily or alternate days.

5- Prevents Hair-related Problems: The antioxidants, antibacterial properties in Cardamom can avert split ends and unhealthy scalp. This will prevent other hair issues like hair fall or dandruff. Regular intake of Cardamom can also result in improved blood circulation.


In India and the Middle East, Cardamom is a staple spice used to flavor vegetables, curries, baked goods, and teas. It is also an essential ingredient in Arabic coffee Cardamom coffee is considered a symbol of Arab hospitality. The combination of Cardamom and coffee is an alluring union of flavors, complementing each other so generously.

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