India is the epitome of the production and usage of spices. Indians love spicy food and so their favorite spice has to be mirchi (chillies). The most famous options available in powder form are Deghi Mirchi powder and Kashmiri red chilli powder. Both these spices are versions of red chilli powder in terms of how spicy they are. Both Deghi Mirchi and Kashmiri Chilli are mild considering their spice levels, but despite that, both are very different in taste.

To know the difference, we will have to dive deep into its understanding. Let us understand the difference between them.

What Is Deghi Mirchi?

Deghi Mirchi is a traditional Indian spice that is made from a beautiful blend of red peppers and Kashmiri dried red chillies. It is mildly spicy and is authentically used to add deep red or orange color to Indian dishes. It is used to add mild spiciness and vibrant color to dishes like dal (Indian curry), and paratha (Indian traditional bread) to name a few. Deghi Mirchi measures about 1,500 to 2,000 Scoville units. The dried Deghi Mirchi powder tastes similar to paprika but when it is roasted with some oil, its releases it spiciness and adds a different flavor to the dish.

What Is Kashmiri Mirchi?

India is the largest producer, consumer, and exporter of Kashmiri red chillies. They are a blend of quality red chillies grown in Kashmir. These chillies could be used as a whole spice, in powder form, or by slitting it in pieces. Kashmiri chilli gives a vibrant red color to food and is also capable of adding flavor to any dish. These chillies are also mild and measure about 1,000 - 2,000 Scoville units. It is small in size and is less pungent. It is mostly used in tandoori dishes as it becomes more aromatic when roasted. It adds a very bright color to foods that are capable of absorbing color.

How are Deghi Mirchi and Kashmiri Mirchi different?

Deghi Mirchi is like mild paprika. It gives a deep red color to gravies, stews, and soups without much heat. Whereas, Kashmiri Chillies are believed to be hotter than Deghi Mirchi. This chilli is hotter than Deghi Mirchi but milder than other chillies like Gantur and Manthania, to name a few.

There are different types of chillies like Green chillies, Gundu chillies, Reshampatti Chillies, Naga Chillies, and Jwala Chillies. These chillies are used in Indian Cuisine to make it more delectable and eye-feasting. If you are willing to know more about Vasant Masala's ethically produces Kashmiri chilli powder, you can click on the link mentioned below to read more.

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