Herbs and spices were used more for medicinal purposes for centuries. Today, its more often used to enhance the flavour in cooking. These ingredients are not only advantageous for health but also is an essential component of cooking.

Herbs and spices offer a unique flavour and are filled with nutrients that boost health and immunity. As both herbs and spices are a strong antioxidant it is highly beneficial for health.

Antioxidants like phenolic acid and flavonoids, present in herbs and spices help to prevent cancer and reduce inflammation. Packed with metabolic enzymes, it also aids in healthy digestion and metabolism. Moreover, their anti-inflammatory properties help to maintain and improve heart health by reducing cholesterol and blood pressure.

Herbs are generally leafy parts of the plant. Given below are some of the most common herbs and their health benefits;

1. Thyme

Packed with vitamin A and C, thyme strengthen the immune system to prevent diseases like sore throat and the common cold.

2. Rosemary

With high antioxidant properties, rosemary fight off cancer-causing oxidative stress in the body.

3. Cilantro

Known as both herbs i.e. leaves (cilantro) and spice i.e. seeds (coriander) is useful to reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer because it’s rich in Vitamins C and K.

4. Parsley

Parsley is rich in vitamin K that keeps the bone healthy and helps in proper blood clotting. It’s also a good source of potassium and maintains heart rhythm.

5. Basil

Fragrant leaves Basil, prevents the spread of cancer and cell mutation caused by oxidative stress. It’s also antimicrobial that kills harmful bacteria.

6. Dill

A unique phytochemical present in Dill detoxifies the body to a great extent. Also rich in Vitamin C, it helps to boost the immune system, metabolism, formation of bones, and wound healing. Apart from that, it reduces chronic inflammation and prevents heart diseases, rheumatoid arthritis, Alzheimer’s, etc.

Spices are obtained from plant’s stems, seeds, roots, fruit, flowers, and bark. Let us look at some of the spices and their health benefits;

7. Caraway

A strong antioxidant and an aromatic seed Caraway helps to eliminate carcinogens in the body. It also helps to cure asthma, bloating, gas, constipation, infection, diabetes, etc.

8. Cinnamon

One of the popular spices, cinnamon subdues the growth of bacteria that cause stomach ulcers and stomach cancer. It’s also a powerful antioxidant that boosts the immune system.

9. Clove

Cloves fight off cancer cells, improves liver health, maintains blood sugar levels, reduces stomach ulcer, etc.

10. Cumin

Great source of iron and manganese, Cumin promotes healthy digestion, improves blood cholesterol, fight inflammation. It’s also high in antioxidants and has antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and cancer-preventive properties.

11. Garlic

Components found in garlic is useful to prevent skin, breast, colon, uterine, lung, and esophagus cancer. The antioxidants present in garlic boost the immune system and helps to cure common cold, etc.

12. Ginger

Packed with strong anti-inflammatory properties, Ginger treats muscle pain, soreness, boost immunity, soothes the stomach, prevents cancer, and aids in keeping the heart healthy.

So, use herbs and spice to maintain good health but make sure that you consume it in moderation. And to shop herbs and spices visit Vasant Masala. Buy the authentic and pure spices from the e-store today.