The most long-lasting ingredient in the kitchen has to be spices. While it usually lasts for months to years not storing it properly can let it perish in no time. Moreover, it is sure to hamper the taste, aroma, and durability of the spice. Hence, I have listed a few tips that will help you to store the spices in the best way possible,

1. Keep the Spices Dry :

It’s important to keep the spices dry in order to sustain the flavour and colour. Thus, store the spice in a dry container and don’t roast the spices as it will retain the moisture. Also, don’t use a moist spoon or wet hands to take the spice out of the container so as to prevent the spices from coming in contact with water. Otherwise the spices will become soggy, lumpy, and lose its quality over time.

2. Store the Spices in Opaque Containers :

If you are keeping the spices in a transparent container or glass jars then you are making a big mistake. Always use an opaque container to store the spice to avoid exposure to light as it can fade the colour, affect the flavour of the spices, and make them age quicker. Hence, use an opaque container only to preserve the flavour and freshness of Indian spices.

3. Store the Bulk Spices in The Freezer :

Heat or hot temperature tends to damage the spices and decrease its shelf life; thus, it is preferable that you store the spices in a refrigerator. However, don’t refrigerate it every day what you can do instead is keep smaller quantity into the fridge and later on you can refill it and reuse whenever you need. Keeping the spices refrigerated for a long time will in turn spoil spices due to excess condensation thus avoid doing it.  

4. Keep the Spices Away from Light and Heat :

Heat and light both affect the flavour of spice and let it lose its effectiveness fast hence it is advisable to keep it the spices away from it. Don’t keep the spices close to the stove, or near the window sill. Also keep it away from direct sunlight. Anyhow, the ideal place to store the spices is in a cool place with low temperatures.

5. Keep A Check on Spices Frequently  :

We often tend to forget to check the spices after dumping it in the cabinet. While few spices are used frequently, some rest for months or even years or for that matter the once purchased in bulk go unchecked and untouched. Thus, it is advisable to keep checking the spices regularly. Checking the spices on a regular basis can prevent the spices from getting spoilt and wastage of spices to a great extent. 

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