Dinner Recipes to Make for Your Spouse

The season of love never ends for couples these days. This blog is for those, who are willing to make their partner feel special throughout this 'Love Month, February'.

In India, it is often said that 'Har Dil Ka Raasta Pet Se Hokar Jaata Hai'. This means that food is one of the best ways to win someone's heart. Vasant Masala spices can help you take your valentine's delicious dinner game to another level. These spices are available in a wide range to enhance the flavours of your dish. Visit Vasant Masala's website to buy our exclusive whole spice and blended spices.

Now getting back to the topic, imagine, just when your partner returns home from a hectic day at work, you've prepared some mouthwatering dishes to make them feel loved.

This is the best way to win hearts, not just on Valentine's day but throughout the year.

What should a Valentine's Day Dinner be like?

There's no doubt that Valentine's Day has you pumped! But have you already thought about what to give your partner? How about shocking your better half with some amazing cooking abilities? And on such a gorgeous day, what could be better than such a sweet surprise? Make your better half happy by hosting a candlelit Valentine's Day supper and giving them the nicest present ever!

What are the Ideal Dishes to make during Love Month?

Here's a question that may require some thinking! Plan an amazing variety of meals if you're having a romantic supper for Valentine's Day at your house by candlelight. The greatest choice is to choose a platter of regal Indian food! The variety of flavours in Indian food is enormous, and there are plenty of options for every other course, including appetizers, main courses, and desserts!

We present to you some of the best Indian recipes in this blog, which will prove to be the ideal additions to the Valentine's Day feast! So let's get started so you may make notes of a few dishes and their recipes for a fantastic Valentine's Day meal!

1) Appetizers:

The first thing you consider when a dinner date is approaching is the variety of appetisers you want to provide! There are several options available for Indian appetisers. You can include delicacies like Gobi Manchurian, Hara Bhara Kabab, Veg Bruschetta, Panjabi Chole, and Mushroom Tikka Masala.

These meals require little effort to prepare, and we have all the organic Indian spices required for these treats. Simply click on each one to be sent to the corresponding recipe on our website if you want to look up some simple recipes. These are some of the best appetisers to help you and your date gradually get ready for the entrées that will soon be placed on the table!

2) Main Course:

After deciding on your appetisers, let's look at some main course options that will work well for this special dinner at home. So how about a step-by-step selection of dishes based on how strong their flavours are?

If you start by presenting something like Missi Roti alongside Mattar Paneer or Paneer Butter Masala and some Paneer Rolls to munch on, it looks fantastic and also turns into a fun event to taste the meals! After that, you can offer some delectable meals like Chana Masala, Palak Paneer, or Sarso Da Saag. If either of you or your companion enjoys rice, you can add vegetable pulao or vegetable biryani according to your preferences.

3) It's Dessert Time!

Dessert is the soul of any 3-course meal. The tastiest sweets are a must-have for any romantic supper. Furthermore, since this is a romantic dinner date for Valentine's Day, one simply cannot ignore the dessert option.

In keeping with the occasion of love, you should definitely be a little more particular while selecting desserts because they round out your romantic supper and need to be the most memorable of all the choices. If you're overwhelmed by numerous concepts, let's simplify everything.

There are certain desserts that are ideal for Valentine's Day dinners, like gudpapdi, gur ki kheer, puran poli, etc. You should try each of these unique Indian delicacies.

However, if you're looking for something unique and not only Indian food, you might want to try delicacies like Gulab Jamun Cake, Apple Pie, Fruit Cake, Chocolate Spice Cookies, Chocolate and Cinnamon Mug Cake, and Chocolate Sponge Cake.

The apple pie fruit cake's sweet flavour and appealing appearance will win over your partner, while the strong flavours of the chocolate cookies and sponge cake will ignite your romance.

We have the recipes available for you to use, and they are simple to make! You can check Our Tales of Taste to make more such delicious recipes for any lunch/ dinner party you host.

Some of the best vegetarian Indian meals can be made at home with the help of the dishes described above. And, to make them more authentic, you should thus choose pure and organic spices from Vasant Masala.