Who doesn’t shop online these days? Though many people still don’t believe in the originality of online products, the ease online shopping brings with it has been attracting a huge crowd these days. Seeing the profits associated with it, many local shops have come on online platforms to sell their products.

Moreover, if know how to shop, where to shop, and which brands to opt for, we promise you will end up purchasing the best products right while sitting at home.

Being a leading spice manufacturer of India and knowing the market very well, we can share a few insights on buying spices online. We hope this will help you to get clarity on what to do and what not to do while buying spices online.

Get a quick guide on shopping spices online as further:


● Advantages of buying spices online:

Well, while there are many aspects to consider before buying spices online, you ought to the advantages of doing so. Apart from saving your time, there are other benefits associated with it as well. Don’t worry; the originality of the products has been discussed in the other points mentioned in this blog. So, read ahead.

- Convenience:

Buying spices online can make many things convenient for you. You can purchase whenever you want (even at midnight), you can set your payment modes (there are many options available like Cash on Delivery, Card payments, or online payment apps), and make your choices without any hesitation.

- Huge variety:

When you go to a shop for buying spices, the scope of finding a variety gets limited. Whereas an online platform gives you access to a huge variety of spices. As compared to a store, you get access to multiple brands of spices and a number of other types of spices as well.

- Better price:

It is quite rare to find a shop that gives discounts on the products. In contrast to this, online platforms give customer-friendly discounts and offer at regular intervals. Moreover, in order to attract customers, they keep the prices comparatively lower than in a store. Hence, buying spices online can fetch you a better price!

Saving your time and fuel and excusing you from the traffic of the cities are just other advantages!

● Dos’ and Don’ts:

Many people have doubts about the originality of the products. Due to this doubt, they are afraid of shopping online. But according to our experience, you just need to know the right information before you shop online and you will end up with the best of products at cheap rates, obviously!

Here’s a list of dos and don’ts you should follow to shop spices online:



Read the product description carefully.

Don’t trust a spice brand online, blindly.

Go through the reviews. If you have used the product before, write a review as well.

Don’t waste your time on the online platforms that are not well-known.

Check the discounts. There are plenty of them.

Don’t opt for a brand only because the rates are less.


● Aspects to consider:

Now that you know the dos and don’ts, check out various aspects you must consider before shopping your spices online. This way, you will end up buying the right spice for your family, we promise!

- The quality of the spices:

In the dos and don’ts list, we asked you to go through the reviews of the products you wish you to buy. Reading them will give you an idea about the quality of the spices you are about to use. Also, you can browse the brand on Google. Doing so will help you know the brand and the quality of spices it provides.

- Quantity:

Once you are sure of the quality of the spice, don’t forget to glance over the quantity it offers. Many people often ignore it and often end up buying more or less quantity of spice that is actually required. Hence, glance over the quantity you have selected and the options the brand is providing for the same.

- Price:

Online shopping guarantees variety and it also guarantees the best price. But you must be willing to skim through multiple websites to get the right spices at the right price. Hence, once you have decided upon the spice you want to buy and its quantity, check out multiple platforms on which it provides the spice. Sometimes, you will find a cheaper rate on the original website of the brand rather than other platforms.

● How to shop?

Now that you know so many things about shopping spices online, just go through the steps on how to shop spices online. This is just to ensure that you don’t miss out on anything. A guide is meant to do the same, right?

1) Go the platform you have chosen to buy spices:

It can be either an e-commerce platform or the website of the brand.

2) Select the product and its quantity:

Choose the spices/spices you wish to buy. Read its product description, reviews, and then select its quantity.

3) Choose the spices you want to buy and press ‘Add to Cart’ button:

You can choose only one spice or multiple spices as well. After deciding upon the spice you want, click the ‘Add to Cart’ button that is just near the spice so that your choices are added in your shopping cart. Repeat this step for other spices you purchase.

4) Add any discount code if you have or proceed to check out:

If you have any online discount code, add it or click on ‘Proceed to Checkout’ i.e., to finish your shopping.

5) Enter all the required details and order your spices:

You will have to login/ register before you proceed to mention other details. Nothing other than e-mail is required to do so. You are further asked to set a password.

Later, add your billing address, shipping address, choose your shipping method, and your payment method. Enjoy a fruitful shopping experience.

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