If you are taking a trip to India or if you are an Indian, the main spice you would be familiar with is Red Chilli Powder. As Indians, we like to incorporate it in almost every dish except for sweet dishes. Oh, wait! we have spicy icecreams too! Indians can sprinkle chilli powder on icecreams too!

Chilli powder is made using dried red chillies. Traditionally, the spicy powder was made crushing by drying the red chillies in the sun. This flavour is what Indian palates crave and because it is in high demand, it is the most popular spice across India. Red chilli powder is our favourite spice on any given day! 

People who prefer milder cuisines will undoubtedly question the demand for spiciness in food, but the answer to what makes it so popular is its smoky flavour and the dark orange-red hue that it adds to any dish. One interesting thing about chillies is that some of them are only mildly spicy and then there are those which give you a near-to-death experience.

To begin with, did you know where chilli originally came from? We are sure you are unaware of it, so let's dive right in knowing where the chilli has come from!


The world's largest producer of chillies is India. However, did you realise that chiles are not native to India? In the fifteenth century, the Portuguese introduced them to the nation. Since the wild spice has found a cosy place to flourish in India, there are many different types of chillies there. Let's learn more about them now.

Types of Chillies

Vasant Masala produces 3 different types of chilli powders - Perfect Chilli Powder, Red Chilli Powder, and Kumthi Kashmiri Chilli Powder. All these chilli powders are made with utmost care and technological excellence. It is a 100% genuine product of premium quality. 

Red chillies are produced in large quantities in India, with each variety having a unique flavour and amount of spiciness. Let's find out more about a few of them right now. 

1) Kashmiri Chilli:

Kashmiri Red Chilli are native to the state of Kashmir, as their name suggests. It is typically utilised more for its colour than for its spiciness because of its bright red hue and low Scoville level.

2) Guntur Red Chilli:

Again, given by the name, the chilli is from the Andhra Pradesh district of Guntur. Contrary to Kashmiri Red Chilli, this chilli is among the hottest in the nation and is likewise dark red or maroon in colour.

3) Byadgi:

The state of Karnataka is the origin of this deep-red chilli. Similar to Kashmiri Red Chilli, it isn't particularly hot and can be used as an alternative to Kashmiri chilli.

4) Boria:

This berry-like chilli is distinguished by its distinctive shape. It is a mildly spicy chilli that is frequently used in Indian curries and lentil soups.

5) Sankeshwari Chillies:

This hot chilli, which comes from Sankeshwar in Maharashtra, should be used with extreme caution. This is also one of the hottest chillies grown in the nation, with a Scoville rating of very high.

India produces different types of chillies. There are countless facts about it. Let us dive right into knowing these interesting facts.


Although these hot red chillies may stimulate your taste senses, did you know that they also have a number of health advantages? Let's discover some fascinating details about this harsh spice!

  • Around the world, there are more than 400 different varieties of chillies.
  • Despite all the discomfort they cause, organic red chilli powder has several advantages because chillies are a natural analgesic.
  • They are a highly healthy spice since they are high in vitamin A and have antioxidant characteristics, according to studies.

Storage Tips

The shelf life of Red Chilli Powder is very long. You may store it in sealed containers - away from heat and light. It will stay fresh for two years. Add dry chunks of asafoetida to maintain its freshness and taste.

Famous Recipes

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With this, we have imparted all the important information you will need to know about red chilli powder. Vasant Masala is the best spice company in India, delivering pure, authentic and 100% genuine spices. You may visit our website to buy other varieties like whole spices and our wide range of blended spices as well!