Tea or ‘chai’ is one of the favourite drinks of most of the Indians. Originated in ancient China, this drink has many variants. The one which Indians consume is usually made with black leafy tea of Assam along with milk. Apart from that, authentic Indian masala tea is made using lots of Indian spices such as ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg etc. to add that unique spiciness to the tea.

Though India is considered as world’s largest tea drinking nation, not many people are aware about the benefits of consuming Masala tea on a regular basis during winter season. We’ve listed down some of these most important benefits:

1. Mood booster:

Winter is a season of lazy mornings. Even getting out of bed in the morning seems like a big task. In these lazy mornings, Masala tea prepared with authentic and pure Indian spices instantly convert your lazy mood into an energetic one. Moreover, research also suggests that consuming masala tea in the morning also helps in soothing the symptoms of depression.

2. Helps in cold and cough:

Cold and cough are very common diseases that occur during winter. Consuming Masala tea during winter helps in protecting your body from cold. Not only that, Masala tea also gives relief in cold and cough. Ginger is one of the spices used to prepare masala tea which has medicinal properties that can cure sore throat conditions. Masala tea requires many spices but if you’re too busy to source all the required spices, you can always buy tea masala powder to prepare masala chai.

3. Improves metabolism:

Winter causes more and frequent hunger. We usually consume a lot more food during winter than any other season. Consuming masala tea made with tea masala helps in improving metabolism so that even after consuming lots of food, you won’t gain weight as you’ll burn more calories from routine activities due to increased metabolism.

4. Relives aches and pain:

During winter, pain receptors become sensitive. Usually we feel more pain in our joints during winter. Masala tea has spices like ginger, cinnamon, cardamom etc. which carry medicinal benefits. Consuming masala tea during winter helps in reliving aches and pain.

5. Boosts immunity:

There’s always a threat of getting viral infection from people suffering from cold and cough during winter. Consuming masala tea made with aromatic spices helps in boosting your immunity power so that your body can protect itself from viral infection.

Now that we know all the benefits of consuming masala tea during winter, it becomes essential to know more about the spices that actually add magic in a normal tea and makes it masaledaar. Ginger, cardamom and cinnamon are some of the spices that are used to prepare masala chai. If you don’t want to source all these spices individually, you can buy tea masala powder or chai masala powder which essentially contains all the required spices in perfect proportions to prepare an aromatic and authentic Indian masala chai. Before buying tea masala, one should also check the ingredients used in the same.

Only buy tea masala which provides a perfect combination of spices which are pure and authentic. You can make perfect and authentic Indian masala chai using Vasant Tea Masala as it contains 100% pure and authentic Indian spices.