These days, viral fever is a frequent illness that affects both adults and children. One of the risk factors for viral fever is a change in climate and a rapid increase & decrease in temperature during this season. Viral fever is primarily caused by airborne viruses that we pick up from the air we breathe and can also be passed on from an infected individual.

A wide range of viral diseases may affect people, from the common cold to the flu. The most common symptom of many viral illnesses is mild fever or a low-grade fever. Some of the other most common symptoms of viral fever are sore throats, coughs, runny noses, and body aches. 

Don't worry; a mild viral fever can be handled at home with a well-balanced diet that includes a lot of soothing foods, lots of water, proper rest, and some healthy spices. This time, your spice cupboard is stepping up to help your immune system. These spices and condiments in your pantry not only provide flavour to your meal, but they also have health advantages, such as reducing inflammation, being antibacterial, improving circulation, and so much more. As a result, it should come as no surprise that many of the spices that assist one system in your body also benefit other systems.

If your symptoms are mild, or you want to take action as soon as you notice them, continue reading to learn about these spices from Vasant Masala that can work wonderfully to offer relief.


Ginger's anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and analgesic qualities have the incredible potential to provide comfort and decrease the symptoms of viral fever. Ginger is a diaphoretic, which means it causes perspiration. As a result, it is useful for breaking a fever and alleviating other cold or flu symptoms. To add tang to your dish, cut it into juliennes, grate it, juice it, ground it, or use ginger powder in tea, curries, and salad dressings. 


Garlic's antimicrobial properties are useful in treating viral fever. It's a natural antibiotic that's antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal. If you already have a cold, eating garlic helps to reduce symptoms and decrease the course of the disease. Some people consume raw garlic cloves at the first symptoms of a cold or insect bite. Add 2-3 crushed garlic pods to a quarter cup of warm water and drink it or use it to make soup, which is a soothing dish that also helps to lower fever. 

Black Pepper:

Black pepper is a multipurpose plant that is widely used in Ayurvedic medicine for its remarkable healing and balancing powers. Surprisingly, few people realise that black pepper is one of the spices that has been cultivated in India from ancient times. It is highly useful for the throat and lungs in order to improve respiratory health. Its antibacterial and antibiotic properties make it useful in the treatment of respiratory disorders. In addition, black pepper's high vitamin C level aids in the development of a strong immune system and the prevention of sickness. To combat a viral fever, boil a cup of water, add one teaspoon of crushed black pepper and a few tulsi leaves. Throughout the day, sip this delicious tea.


Turmeric contains curcumin, which has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties. Turmeric is often used in gravies and daals; it is used to cover fresh vegetables and fish before frying, and it is mixed into a glass of warm milk to ease pain after injuries. Its antibacterial properties inhibit the replication of a wide range of fungi, bacteria, and viruses. Most significantly, its capacity to strengthen your immunity will keep you from succumbing to viral illnesses effortlessly. If you become infected, it will limit viral cell reproduction, allowing you to recover faster and with fewer symptoms. Just add 1 tsp of turmeric powder to warm milk and drink it twice a day. 


Coriander seeds contain important plant phytonutrients that have been shown to stimulate the immune system. Coriander contains natural volatile oils and antibiotic substances that are extremely effective at curing a viral illness. To quickly improve your immune system, just soak a few coriander seeds in half a litre of water and drink this water several times a day.

Avoid These:

Sugar promotes the growth of viruses and bacteria. During a viral fever, you should avoid oversweet carbonated drinks. Dairy products may also worsen your cough and cold symptoms. When you have a fever, it is not advised to drink milk or lassi.

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