How many times has it happened that you have gone on a strict weight loss diet and gave up within a day or two? Or how many times have you paid for the gym but it hasn’t worked out? Well, weight reduction is a tricky thing! It requires too much effort and self-control.

But we, the team of Vasant Masala, bring an easy yet highly effective solution to this. Our rich Indian spices, which are full of beneficial properties can aid in weight reduction as well! So, no more strict diets and no more gym. Just healthy food made with Indian spices!

Check out the 3 Indian spices which can help you as further!

● Cumin seeds:

A common ingredient in Indian cooking, cumin seeds aid in the reduction of weight effectively. Eat some cumin seeds daily or get in a habit of drinking cumin water regularly for doing so.

Chemically, they increase the activity of digestive enzymes in the gut and boost metabolism. Such a fast rate of digestion and metabolism burns extra calories present in the body which further reduced your weight. If it consumed regularly, one can reduce belly fat which is the most difficult to lose, as well.

● Black pepper powder:

Black pepper is a strong spice with hot and biting taste. To reduce your weight using black pepper powder, drink a cup of black pepper tea every day or sprinkle a bit over the salads you prepare.

Piperine, a chemical compound present in the black pepper raises the temperature of the body and increases its metabolism. It also prevents the formation of fat cells. In addition to this, this spice has potential weight-reducing effects.

● Turmeric powder:

Turmeric powder is a part of the Indian diet since times immemorial. This spice is not only used in cooking but also is used for cosmetic purposes. For weight reduction, use turmeric powder in the food you cook. You can also add it in milk, smoothies, and salads.

Curcumin, a chemical compound present in the turmeric powder, is said to be responsible for the weight-reducing properties of the turmeric powder. This curcumin increases the metabolic activity of the body further contributing towards reducing the body weight. Furthermore, turmeric powder also prevents weight gain.

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