Indian spices form an integral part of the Indian cuisine. For a person who consumes such spices regularly, a meal without these spices tastes bland and uninviting. Whereas a meal power-packed with its flavour tastes brilliant. Moreover, they benefit health in numerous ways. Such is the importance of Indian spices.

Thus, it is necessary to use pure spices. Such spices keep away from contamination, are fresh and flavourful, and also prove to be a useful supplement for health. Our Vasant Masala provides 100% pure spices. Hence, you can buy our spices without any worries.

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1. Raw materials from the best places!

Being one of the leading spice manufacturer companies in India, at Vasant Masala, we understand the important role raw materials play in ensuring the purity of spices. If procured from the wrong places, the quality of the spice can decrease significantly. It can be clearly seen in its appearance, aroma, and lastly taste.

Thus, we procure our raw materials from well-known places only which are famous for the particular spice. For example, the raw materials for our Vasant Strong Hing and Vasant Supreme Hing are procured from Afghanistan whereas the turmeric for our Vasant Turmeric Powder is procured from Sangli, Maharashtra. Just so you know, Sangli is also known as the ‘Tumeric city of Maharashtra’. Similarly, we procure our other raw materials well-known places only. These fresh raw materials ensure that our spices not only look fresh and smell aromatic but also elevate the flavour.

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2. Fully-automated systems for processes:

When spices are processed by using hands, they often get contaminated. Such contamination can decrease the shelf-life of these spices and degrade its flavour and aroma. Such spices become unpure and are unfit for consumption. Consuming such spices can affect health negatively.

Thus, at Vasant masala, our spices are manufactured under fully-automated processes using Cool Grinding technology. These processes require no human touch and hence, can’t be contaminated in any case. Furthermore, these processes are supervised by our expert technicians who ensure that nothing goes wrong. Thus, our consumers get pure spices of superior quality having fresh aroma and flavour.

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3. Our promise of quality:

There are many spice brands in the market who lay claims on the superior taste of their Indian spices. They also claim of bright and fresh colour and aroma. But only a few spice brands claim the purity of their spices.

At Vasant Masala, we are proud to say that we provide a ‘Promise of Quality’ on our Indian spices. Thus, you can buy our spices without worrying about quality issues. Our spices are of top-quality and we bet on that!

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