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This is a vegetarian product.

Vasant Sanchar Powder

Rock Salt Powder Description

Vasant Sanchar powder is great for your skin and hair. If used in the right way, our Sanchar powder can relieve you from your worries, both physical and emotional. It can even prevent certain disorders and aid in weight loss.


Sanchar powder is slightly pink in colour due to the presence of iron and other minerals. As it has low sodium content, it can be consumed by the people who have high blood pressure. Apart from this, Vasant Sanchar powder treats joint disorders, aids in weight loss, cures respiratory disorders, controls cholesterol levels, etc.


About the Spice:

Rock Salt Powder or Sendha Namak is a type of salt that is pink in colour. It is formed when saltwater from a sea or lake evaporates and leaves behind colourful crystals of sodium chloride.

Rock Salt Powder is considered to be a pure form of salt and is highly valued in traditional Ayurveda medicine. Rock Salt Powder is loaded with numerous health benefits right from healthy skin and hair to weight loss. So, if you want to get more health-conscious, it is better to switch to rock salt powder from your regular salt.

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Health Benefits of Rock Salt Powder:

  • Promotes Digestion

  • Boosts Metabolism

  • Boosts Immune System

  • Treat Sore Throat

  • Stabilize Blood Pressure

  • Promotes Healthy Skin & Hair