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This is a vegetarian product.


Give an interesting twist to your boring food with Vasant Amchur powder. Our Amchur powder which is made from fresh raw materials adds a tangy flavour to the food while benefiting your health.


Amchur powder contains essential nutrients such as Vitamin A, E, and C. It is also rich in minerals such as iron and is a great antioxidant. Furthermore, Amchur powder is a good spice to improve the immunity of the body and plays a vital role in improving the digestion. It is quite beneficial for skin and hair as well.


About the Spice:

Dry Mango Powder, AKA Amchur Powder, is prepared by sun-drying and ground unripe green mangoes. This spice should definitely have a secure place on your spice rack, as it is loaded with health benefits. Moreover, Dry Mango Powder has no risk factor associated with the regular use of amchur powder.

Dry Mango Powder has a tangy, slightly sweet flavour; it has a similar flavour profile to tamarind and lemon juice. It is a staple spice in many dishes, chaats, and chutneys. Amchur Powder is generally added towards the end of the cooking process, as it does not require much cooking. Dry Mango Powder is also given to pregnant women as it helps combat morning sickness and nausea.

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Health Benefits of Dry Mango Powder:

  • Aids Digestion

  • Assists in Weight Loss

  • High in Iron

  • Benefits Heart Health

  • Improves Vision

  • Boosts Metabolism