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This is a vegetarian product.

High-quality Turmeric that is rich in Curcumin


Curcumin is a compound present in Turmeric that has high medicinal value and can prevent diseases like Cancer. Vasant Natural Turmeric Powder is made from turmeric that is rich in Curcumin. Hence, it contributes to your health more effectively. It is also 100% pure.

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How to use:

Use a teaspoon of Vasant Natural Turmeric Powder in sabjis, curries, or dal you prepare and enjoy a deep yellow colour in the dish.

About the Spice:

Natural Haldi Powder is the main spice in Indian curry because of its warm, bitter taste. It gives rich yellowish colour to the dish, and it is also loaded with health benefits. Natural Turmeric Powder or high-quality organic turmeric powder was widely used in traditional medicine to prevent diseases in the past.

Use a teaspoon of Vasant Natural Turmeric powder in sabzis, curries, or dal you prepare and enjoy a bright yellowish colour in the dish. You can also add in it milk or in warm water to get maximum health benefits. Natural Turmeric Powder has powerful anti-inflammatory properties, and it can be considered one of the most effective nutritional supplements in existence.

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Health Benefits of Turmeric Powder::

  • Prevents and cures bacterial/viral infections

  • Heals wounds

  • Great for skincare

  • Boosts immunity of the body

  • Treats inflammation

  • Can be used to treat Cancer

    Curcumin is one of the active 24 beneficial compounds found in turmeric/ haldi. Turmeric has curcumin which gives it natural colour. Vasant Natural Turmeric Powder can be consumed for therapeutic cure of ailments like wounds, pain, stomach disorder, diabetes and other such chronic illnesses; when prescribed by doctors.

    Beauty: A paste of turmeric and milk cream when applied on dry skin makes it soft and supple, giving the face a radiant glow.

    Health: A spoonful of turmeric powder taken with a glass of milk regularly ensures good health.