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This is a vegetarian product.

Vasant Turmeric Powder

High-quality Turmeric from Sangli, Maharashtra

Turmeric Powder Speciality

Made from turmeric procured from one of the finest Turmeric powder producing cities of India and processed in neatly maintained hygienic conditions, Vasant Turmeric Powder is 100% pure. Moreover, it is rich in Curcumin which benefits your health in numerous ways.

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How to use:

Use a teaspoon of Vasant Turmeric Powder in sabjis, curries, or dal you prepare and enjoy a bright yellowish colour in the dish. You can also add in it milk or in warm water to get maximum health benefits.

About the Spice:

Turmeric has been used in traditional medicine, cooking, fabric dyeing, and cosmetics for ages in India because of its bright yellow colour and numerous health benefits. Turmeric Powder, which is the dried form of its root, is the spice that gives your curry the bright colour that we all love.

The main active component of Turmeric Powder, i.e., Curcumin, gives turmeric its characteristic yellow colour. It is also responsible for most of turmeric’s potential health benefits. Pure Turmeric powder also has anti-inflammatory & antioxidants properties and can easily heal wounds and keep you safe from common diseases like cold & cough. Recently the scientists have also predicted that the Curcumin present in Turmeric Powder may lead to several changes on the molecular level that may help prevent or even treat cancer.

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Health Benefits of Turmeric Powder:

  • Prevent & Cure Bacterial/Viral Infections

  • Heals Wounds

  • Great for Skincare

  • Boosts Immunity 

  • Treats Inflammation

  • Has Cancer-Healing Properties