Ever Imagined what a plain boiled lentil curry would've looked and taste like? Just gross right? What's life without spice in it? That sounds deep but it merely means that food is life and food without those spices means nothing.

A simple combination of spices either makes a curry popularly known as sambhar (a South Indian curry) or a Sweet & Tangy Gujarati Daal. The power of spices is incredible and a boon to human palates and stomachs. It amplifies the taste, texture and looks of the dish along with being fruitful to health in numerous ways. 

Unfortunately, the market is filled with companies and retailers who promote selling adulterated spices which harm your health more than ever. These adulterated spices look and feel just like the real ones but there are a few ways you can distinguish them and they are mentioned below:

How Can One Distinguish Between Adulterated Spices & Genuine Spices?

  • The smell
  • Choosing a trusted company

1) The smell:

You can adulterate spices in numerous ways but the only thing you can't change about it is its smell. The powdered spice will release a strong aroma whereas the adulterated ones will smell milder. The colour of the spice will also speak a lot about its genuineness and the flavour it releases while cooking any dish can also tell you if it's adulterated or not!

2) Choosing the Ideal Spice Brand:

While buying spices you must always opt for a brand which is trusted, established and has been known to deliver genuine products over a few years. Vasant Masala is one such brand. It has established high standards in selling genuine species since 1970. 

Vasant Masala - The Ideal Spice Brand

Every Indian company has a very special reason behind its brand name. The brand name ‘Vasant Masala’ is taken from the name of Smt. Vasantiben Bhandari – wife of Shri Bapulal Bhandari.

The journey of Vasant Masala began in 1970. Shri Bapulal Bhandari began a home industry in the small village of Jhalod in Gujarat. Continuing on his inspiration, we then adopted several new technologies and emerged as a renowned brand in the epoch of packaged spices. 

People from all across the world have appreciated our quality spices and it has led us to grow our business internationally in companies like USA and UK.

The Essence of Purity & Promise of Quality at Vasant Masala

Purity defines Good-Quality, Hygiene & Freshness.

But for Vasant Masala it is much more than that! We offer a variety of exotic spices that are as pure as the mother’s love. They permeate the flavours and enhance the aroma of your meals.

We feel so obliged that Vasant Masala Spices are used in a million kitchens every day and have been popularizing India’s rich and age-old culture for many years. 

Starting from a home industry in 1970, Vasant Masala has become a stalwart in the arena of spices. Our machinery is fully-automatic which require no human touch, making it 100% germ-free and not open to any bacterias present in the air. 

The purity and richness of our spices are the result of advanced technology, maintained quality standards and rounds and rounds of uncompromised hygiene checks.

When you choose us, we promise you to deliver a piece of our hearts and nothing less than that! We have been an established brand since 1970 and this journey wouldn't have been possible without your support. We will continue to share genuineness and 100% natural products across the world. Choose Vasant Masala, for better health and better taste. 

Our Brand Leaders

1) Kashmiri Chilli Powder:

An Indian kind of cayenne pepper known as Kashmiri Chili Powder is used in Chinese, Korean, Thai, and Indian cooking. h Powder is a dark red powder with a moderate spice flavour. As a result, it doesn't make the food overly spicy while yet giving it a stunning colour, which is a staple in Indian cuisine.

Kashmiri Lal Mirch Powder may not have a lot of heat, but it has a tonne of amazing health benefits. Kashmiri chilli powder is a high source of vitamin C, iron, potassium, manganese, and magnesium in addition to providing a healthy dosage of antioxidants.

2) Garam Masala:

All dishes, whether vegetarian or not, use Rajwani Garam Masala. Rajwadi is a dialect that meaning "royal," and this rajwadi masala will surely live upto your expectations. It will enliven the dish's blandness by bringing heat, warmth, and mouthwatering flavour. 

As a result, if you want to prepare a mouthwatering royal feast for your loved ones, be sure to include roughly 1 teaspoon of Rajwadi Garam Masala. In addition, you can add some rajwadi masala for flavour to yoghurt, biryani, vegetable curries, and snacks. Rajwadi Garam Masala from Vasant Masala has the flavour you'll adore and never forget.

Ganthoda Powder:

Peepramul, sometimes called Ganthoda, is a spice that mimics ginger. The root of the long pepper is used to make ganthoda powder. The highest quality Ganthoda is used to create the Peepramul powder by Vasant Masala. We ensure that the Peepramul is free of detritus from ants, stones, and dust.

Gujarati Adadiya Pak is made with it. This can be included when preparing herbal tea as well. Many Indian and Chinese dishes employ ganthoda powder to give the food a bitter, nutty flavour.

Use it during winters and that is just enough to keep your body healthy and warm from inside.

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