Spices are used to add flavours and aroma to your meals. Indian spices are the taste of India and hence, they’re called the soul of food. We all know that since ancient times, the world has been savouring our spices and herbs. But for that authentic flavour, their quality is utmost important! And their quality depends upon the quality of their raw materials, how they are preserved, in what condition spice manufacturers have blended them and many other factors.

Below some of such things are described. Have a look!

Source of raw materials

If you are in a quest of the authenticity of spices, you must consider this factor. Geographical source makes all the difference! For example, the finest quality of black pepper is grown in the North-East region of South India which is regarded as far better than the varieties grown in other regions of our nation. This is similar for red chillies and other spices also.

Characteristics of spices change according to types

Different raw spice origins make them different from one another in quality and taste, both. Spices grown in various regions have different qualities. For example, the Lavangi chillies grown in Kolhapur are hotter in comparison to others but leave lesser red colour in meals. On another hand, Kashmiri red chillies are known to add colour to the dish. They are less spicy compared to other red chillies. Similarly, Malabar black peppercorns are far different in size and hotness if compared to the Tellicherry pepper. So, spices should be bought from the masala manufacturers as per the requirements.

Manufacturing plant conditions

It highly depends on how these spices are processed in the plants of spices manufacturers. As these plants handle segregation, grinding and packaging of spices, conditions and quality control at these plants also matter a lot! Spices lose their properties and quality if these processes are not performed in a hygienic and clean atmosphere. Vasant Masala, one of the best spices manufacturers in India, has clean and most hygienic plants and machinery which keep the quality and properties intact.

We, at Vasant Masala, know that purity defines good quality, hygiene and freshness which is why we process our spices under the best conditions so that they don’t lose their essence. You can rely on us for all your culinary needs as our spices are as pure as your mother’s love.

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