In the world we live, we are surrounded by a number of myths about Indian spices. These spices have been a part of our heritage for millions of years and have played a major role in shaping our culture and our lifestyle.

With such myths around, many people have lessened the use of spice in their food. This should not happen though. Many spice suppliers in India will agree with the fact that spices are a great way to maintain good health without following any diet. Hence, consume spices on a regular basis and enjoy a healthy life.

Thus, unveiling a few myths about them as below:

1. One must have many Indian spices to cook a delicious Indian meal

This myth is a sheer lie. While it is true that an Indian meal comprises of many spices, you don’t really require many spices to make it. Only a few basic spices like turmeric powder, chilli powder, coriander powder,and cumin powder can help you cook a delicious meal. Also, if you feel that your regular food tastes blandthen add a few of these spices to turn it into an interesting delight!

2. Indian spices are cooked in too much of oil

If people tend to cook their food in extra oil, that doesn’t mean that Indian spices require excess oil to cook. Yes, they can be cooked in less oil without any compromise on the scrumptious taste of your food. In fact, less oil enhances their aroma and taste which contributes to increasing the delicious taste of your food.

3. Indian spices are spicy

This is a common misconception about Indian spices. Not all our spices are spicy. In fact, out of the wide variety of basic spices and blended spices used into our Indian cuisine, only chilli powder is spicy in nature. Except it, all other spices are mild. So, use these spices generously in your food and we assure you that doing so will not overpower the spiciness of your food.

4. Indian spices are bad for health

There is a wave of myth from the west that Indian spices are bad for health. Believing such a myth is a common misconception among the people. But trust us, this myth is absolutely false. Our Indian spices are extremely good for health. They are rich in many essential nutrients and vitamins. They have many medicinal and cosmetic benefits which makes them a great supplement for your health. So, if you tend to miss any essential vitamin or mineral in your regular diet, you can always supplement it by consuming Indian spices!

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