In a diverse country, India, even routine rituals vary from one home to another. In spite of this, Masala tea which is made from the aromatic tea masala is a common drink which binds every Indian household with a common thread. Hence, it is quite apt to say that for most Indians, masala tea is not just another form of tea, it is a ritual.

A hot cup of masala chai made from fresh tea powder is all enough to stir up conversations and make a deep bond.

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• Origin:

As spices are an integral part of the Indian cuisine, tea masala has always been present in India. But it was popularised during the British reign. The Britishers found the flavour of tea masala as quite refreshing and hence, they started exporting it on a regular basis.

• How is tea masala beneficial for your health ?

Well, tea masala not only sets your mood right but also sets your health right. Want to know how? Read about its health benefits as below:

o Supports your immunity:

Have you observed that many people prefer masala tea in the rainy season and winters? There is a logic to that preference. As you have might guess it by now, tea masala supports the immunity of your body. Thus, when you consume masala chai in these seasons, the tea masala present in it can help you fight against harmful bacteria which are quite prevalent in this season.

o Improves digestive health:

Tea masala is a perfect blend of spices like Ginger, Cinnamon, Cardamom, Cloves, Black pepper, Mace, etc. These spices can play a vital role in improving the digestive health of your body by improving circulation and delivering oxygen to organs.

o Refills you with energy:

On the days when you feel tired and dull, try drinking tea made with tea masala. The flavonoids and anti-oxidants present in it will boost your cells and will refill you with the energy you need. This will further turn your day into a happy one.

• How to make a refreshing cup of Masala tea?

A refreshing cup of masala tea using tea masala is easy to make if you know the right technique to make it. To help do so, we have given the recipe as below. Do check it out.

o Refills you with energy:

- A ½ cup of milk

- A ½ cup of water

- 1 teaspoon of tea powder

- 1 teaspoon of sugar (You can add more if you want)

- ½ teaspoon Vasant Tea masala

o Method:

- Take a vessel and add a ½ cup of water to it. Switch on the flame and let the water boil.

- Once the water boils, add 1 teaspoon of tea powder. Let the decoction boil.

- Meanwhile, take another vessel and pour a ½ cup of milk to it.

- Further, add 1 teaspoon of sugar. If you like your tea to be sweet in flavour, you can add more sugar.

- Let it be on the flame for a few minutes so that the sugar dissolves.

- Add ½ teaspoon Vasant Tea masala.

- Once the milk starts boiling, strain the decoction using a strainer and transfer it to the milk.

- Let everything mix well.

- Serve hot.

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