The hottest season of the year is back with the sultry heat, constant perspiration, and tiring sun rays. All these aspects can dehydrate your body up to a considerable extent and cause a loss of energy. Hence, it is essential to stay hydrated and energetic this season. You can do so with the help of flavourful Indian spices as some of them are a suitable cooling agent for summers. Such cooling agents can help you tackle the summer heat effectively. The spice manufacturers in India know this fact and hence, they urge you to buy Indian spices in this season.

Discover a few such spices as below:

• Cumin powder

Cumin powder is known to give a cooling effect to the body. Hence, it is often added in coolers and sodas which are often consumed in summers. It also helps to detoxify certain toxic components which are easily accumulated in the body during summers. Moreover, cumin powder is a great remedy for gas and bloating purposes. This powder is a rich source of nutrients as well.

• Fennel seeds

Fennel seeds are a common spice used during summers. It acts as a natural coolant and thus can calm inflammation caused due to heat. Hence, it is widely used in refreshing juices. Also, it is rich in Vitamin C. This Vitamin C can help your body to build a strong defense mechanism against various micro-organisms. It also aids in digestion, relieves menstrual cramps, bad breathe, gas issues, and bloating. In addition to this, it promotes oral hygiene. As it has antacid properties, fennel seeds also maintain pH levels in the GI intact.

• Turmeric powder

Turmeric powder is another popular cooling spice for summers. It is often used in cooling mojos and cold turmeric latte. Consuming such drinks can help you remain cool in summers. In addition to this, turmeric powder also has astringent properties. Such properties reduce excessive perspiration and enlarged pores by toning and contracting the skin glands. They also help to heal pain and reduce swelling in the body. Turmeric powder is an ideal source to cleanse the liver juices and purify the blood. Moreover, the anti-bacterial and anti-allergic properties of turmeric help in keeping infections away.

• Fenugreek seeds

Fenugreek seeds are a great spice for summers. It can help you tackle water retention issues and can prevent bloating during summer. It is also a proven relaxing agent. To enjoy the maximum benefits of this relaxing agent, soak them in water for overnight and drink its water in the morning. You can also crush the soaked seeds to make a paste. This paste should be applied on hairs to enjoy an ultimate cooling experience. In addition to this, chewing these seeds can bring down the body heat up to a significant extent. Fenugreek seeds also have anti-bacterial properties which can prevent bacterial infections, which are a common problem during summer.

Buying these spices in bulk can be more beneficial for you as fresh spices can be availed in summer. But don’t end up buying loose spices. Always prefer packaged spices for assured quality and taste. Vasant Masala, being one of the best spice companies in India, provides fresh spices with assured quality. To buy spices online, check out our e-store or e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, and Paytm mall.