Diwali is all about bright clay diyas, beautiful rangoli arts and dazzling lights all around! This festive season is just around the corner and we don’t want to miss even the single bit of this festive spirit, right? Then let us make your festive preparations even more exciting and interesting. Let us give you some recipes of traditional Indian snacks so that you can make them at home only.

So, let’s begin:


Rice chakli is one of the most-favored snacks in India and the best thing about this crispy snack is that it can be made from some easily-available ingredients in your kitchen. So, quickly note down the ingredients and recipe.


- 4 cup rice flour
- 3 tbsp Vasant Kumthi Kashmiri chilli powder
- 4 tbsp butter
- 2 tbsp Vasant Kumthi Kashmiri chilli powder
- Salt to taste
- Refined oil (as required)
- Water to knead


- In a large bowl, add rice flour, hing, butter, Vasant sesame seeds, Vasant Kumthi Kashmiri chilli powder and salt and mix well. Add some water and knead well to the soft dough. Add a bit of this chakli dough in the chakli maker and prepare chaklis. Keep them aside.
-Put a skillet half-filled with oil, on medium-high flame. When the oil is ready, deep fry these chaklis on a medium flame until golden brown. Drain extra oil and serve your Diwali guests with hot coffee or tea.


Bahkarwadi is another one from the top traditional Indian Diwali snack list. Let us quickly have its recipe so that you can make it at home only.


- 4 cup rice flour
- 1 cup grated dry coconut
- 1 tbsp suga
- ¼ tsp Vasant Kumthi Kashmiri chilli powder
- ¾ tsp Vasnat Kumthi Kashmiri chilli powder
- 1 tsp Vasant fennel seeds
- 1 tsp Vasant sesame seeds
- ½ tsp Vasant coriander powder
- ½ tsp dry mango powder
- ¼ tsp cumin powder
- ¼ tsp Vasant Rajwadi Garam Masala
- ½ cup Maida
- ½ cup besan
- Refined oil
- Salt to taste
- Water to knead


- For stuffing, take coconut, sesame seeds, fennel seeds, chilli powder, cumin and coriander powder, turmeric powder, dry mango powder, sugar and salt into a blender jar and blend it to coarse powder.
- To make the dough, take maida and besan in a bowl. Add chilli and turmeric powder, hing and salt. Add 2 tsp of hot oil to the floor and knead it with the help of water. Cover it with a moist cloth and let it rest for 15 minutes.
- Now take a large bowl of dough and roll it. Brush oil on the rolled dough and evenly spread the stuffing on it, leaving sides. Roll it tightly and cut it in equal parts. Deep fry these rolls until golden brown.
- Your tasty crispy bhakarwadi is all set to please your guests!