It is said that sesame is among the oldest oil seed crops and is valued a lot in many cultures worldwide of which African and Mediterranean are the main. Sesame seeds are one of the most beneficial whole spices found in India and usually put in many dishes that belong to Indian cuisine. Sesame seeds are available in black and white- two different assortments.

These whole spices are known to have a very healthy oil content which is why they are used in different dishes. If you are someone who doesn’t like these seeds or their taste, let us bring to you some key benefits offered by them:

1. They maintain blood pressure and cholesterol

Sesame seeds contain sesamolin and sesamin, which help maintain your blood pressure at a normal level. Also, by reducing cholesterol in liver and blood serum, these tiny seeds reduce the cholesterol level and ultimately, improve the lipid profile.

2. They are a boon for your skin

Do you know sesame seed oil is a boon to your skin? The oil which is extracted from these seeds is usually used to massage the body, soothe the sunburn, reduce wrinkles and ageing signs as well as cure sunburn.

3. Sesame seeds improve hormonal balance

According to studies and research, this Indian whole spice keeps your hormonal balance under check as it is found that they have a positive impact on the hormones. These seeds are also a blessing for pregnant women since they are enriched with proteins.

4. They reduce inflammation

Copper, in sesame seeds, helps reduce the inflammation. Copper is a mineral that is associated with arthritis which lowers the pain by reducing the inflammation in muscles, joints and bones. Copper is also required to increase the iron update.

Apart from this, sesame seeds are used majorly in winter for many typical Gujarati dishes like chikki, kachariyu, etc. Check out our entire ‘whole spice’ range now!