India is a land of diverse cultures and beliefs. Such diversity has brought in diversity in food and food habits as well. Such a diverse spice is Kasuri methi. Having originated in a town called ‘Kasur’, presently situated in Pakistan, this spice is revered across South Asia.

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● What is Kasuri Methi?

Kasuri methi is the dried leaves of a fenugreek plant. They have slightly bitter yet strong taste and is widely used in Indian food dishes. As it has a beautiful aroma, it is often used to give a final touch of perfection to various food preparations. Sometimes it is also used as a major ingredient in certain food dishes.

So, if you want to give a touch of perfection to your food, do use this spice!

● How is it used?

Usually, Kasuri methi is used as a condiment in food dishes. Being a versatile ingredient to use, Kasuri methi is added to a number of dishes including sabjis, daal, parathas, pakoras, and rice preparations.

A teaspoon of this spice in sabjis and daal can make a huge difference in the taste while bringing out the flavour of other dishes as well. The parathas made from it are not only good for health but also a tasty way to enjoy it. A dash of Kasuri methi in rice preparations enhances the flavour of dishes completely.

- In rice preparations:

In rice preparations, Kasuri methi is used while making its masala. For example, while making Sprouted Chana and Kasuri methi rice, this ingredient is added after the vegetables and sprouted vegetables are cooked. It gives a fragrant aroma to the rice preparations and a delicate taste as well.

- In sabji and dal:

Kasuri methi is a great ingredient for sabji and dal. If used in adequate amounts, Kasuri methi can give a scrumptious taste and fresh aroma to them. Be a gravy, dry sabji or curry, it elevates the taste of the dishes to another level. This ingredient is usually used at the end of the recipeS to give a final touch of perfection.

- In parathas:

Kasuri methi parathas are quite famous across North India. They are simple to make with easily-available ingredients and can be made very quickly. As the hero ingredient in this dish is Kasuri methi itself, it is added in initially and further mixed with wheat, chickpea flour, salt, red chilli powder, etc. The dough is kneaded normally and the parathas are made out of it.

● Health benefits:

Indian spices not only add a punch of flavour to the dishes but also add a pinch of health to the body. And like most of the Indian spices, even Kasuri methi also provides many health benefits.

Some of them are listed below:

- Treats constipation:

It has high fibre content which helps the intestine to absorb water. Such an absorption adds bulk further causing the stool to pass out. This eventually treats constipation .

- Has anti-diabetic elements:

If you have diabetics or are prone to it, this spice can help you lower it or to prevent it. It has anti-diabetic elements which slow the absorption of sugar molecules present in the food and gives enough time to the pancreas to secrete insulin in sufficient amounts.

- Lowers cholesterol:

Kasuri methi is rich in certain chemical components which have the capability to lower the cholesterol. Furthermore, as mentioned earlier, its high fibre content ensured that less cholesterol is absorbed by the body which further helps in the reduction of triglycerides as well.

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