Explore kitchens of India and you will never fall short of blended spices. That is because we cannot imagine Indian food without it. We characterize our dishes based on spices and sharp twinkle it brings to our taste.

So, we are listing here a few of the major masalas that plays a very important role in Indian cooking.

1. Vasant Chat masala

It is a one of the popular spice powder masala off India which is a flavourful blend of spices like cumin seeds, black peppercorn, hing, coriander seeds, amchoor powder and coriander seeds.It can spruce up any dish in a delicious way and Indian cuisines aremostly incomplete without a tangy taste of our very own chat masala powder.Our Vasant Chat masala is made up of such fresh spices and gives your food a proper finish.

2. Vasant Panipuri masala

Panipuri is the most favourite street food of India. “Pani” means water and puri is a crisp-fried dough ball. We pokea hole in puri, stuff it with fillings and serve it with masala pani.Nevertheless, anything homemade is healthy and delicious. Hence, we present you, Vasant Panipuri Masala, whichis a combination of cumin seeds, coriander seeds, black pepper powder, salt and red chilli. A pinch of it is enough to bring an enticing twist to the taste.

3. Vasant Pav bhaji masala

Pav bhaji is another street side snack which is extremely easy to make and yet fills everyone’s hungry tummies with utter satisfaction. The trick is to get the right masala which gives the dish an irresistible aroma and flavour. And if your masala is right, then no one can stop you from making a tasty Pav bhaji. Our Vasant Pav Bhaji Masala is made up of fresh ingredients and hence, adds a strong, spicy and aromatic touch to your dish. A small proportion of this masala will make your dish a sure-hit! So, get it today.

4. Vasant Rajwadi garam masala

A unique formulation of cumin, coriander, cinnamon, black pepper and salt makes our tempting Vasant Rajwadigaram masala. It promises you a flavour that mightstay with you for a long time. Add a dash of it to dish like curries, samosas, patra, usal, etc. and enhance its flavour and aroma.

5. Vasant Sambhar masala

Sambhar is a popular lentil-based vegetable stew made frequently in the Southern parts of India. While there are many versions of this Sambhar, a flavourful Sambhar masala you add to the stew eventually makes the difference. Relish this real south Indian taste without much hassle with a spoonful of our Vasant Sambhar masala.

So, browse through all our spices on Vasant Masala website now and enjoy a complete delicious meal everyday!