Begin the first festival of the year with a bang. Send invites to your near and dear ones for a happening house party and prepare a list of all the mouth-watering food you are going to prepare. Get some loud music on and fly your kites high.

And if you are confused with what to cook for your guests, we, at Vasant Masala have some amazing recipes to help you sail through this confusion. These recipes can be made easily with some aromatic blended spices and leave a long-lasting impact of soulful food on your guests.

Have a look at a few of such recipes here.

1. Make sesame seeds laddu (Til ke laddu)

Sesame seeds (Til) are the major attraction of Makar Sankranti. They are widely used for making Sesame seeds laddu or Til ke laddu and are a good source of essential fats. These essential fats help the human body to generate heat. In many states across India, Makar Sankranti is celebrated by sharing these laddus and spreading the message of sweetness in everyone’s lives. Hence, follow the traditions and make the laddus with our rich and crunchy sesame seeds.

2. You can’t give a miss to Undhiyu

Undhiyu is one of the popular delicacies of Gujarat made especially during Uttarayan. Basically, it is a mixed vegetable dish usually served with hot puris. Many vegetables like banana, purple yam, potatoes, and green beans are mixed with a dry paste and some freshly grated coconut. It is further cooked in oil till the vegetables are completely cooked and garnished with cilantro leaves in the end. The richness of this dish makes it a great choice for winters. To add a special zing of taste to the dish, we at Vasant Masala would suggest you use our Rajwadi garam masala powder instead of the regular masala. Doing so will enrich the flavour and aroma of the dish, leaving your guests wanting for more.

3. A hot Khichdo packed with energy

Khichdo is one of the comfort foods eaten in Gujarat during the festival of Makar Sankranti. It is a healthier version for Indian porridge and can be made in both sweet and savoury ways. While the sweet version is made with milk, sugar and wheat, the savoury version is prepared with wheat, pigeon peas and vegetables. Either way, Khichdo is packed with energy which makes it an ideal dish for the festival. Don’t forget to add some Rajwadi garam masala powder to it to enhance its flavour.

4. Panipuri is an emotion

In India, Panipuri is not just another street snack. Rather, it is an emotion. It creates a stir of enthusiasm among the crowd and lightens up the festive mode. Moreover, it is loved by all and is extremely easy to make. You just have to make the flavoured water right. It should have a good balance between tangy and spicy flavours, and in order to help you get that right, we, at Vasant Masala, have introduced our Panipuri masala. Our Panipuri masala is packed with great flavour and you can make instant Panipuris without any extra effort. Won’t these Panipuris make your festival more happening?

5. Make lip-smacking Pav bhaji

Pav bhaji can be a good choice if you want to fill the tummies without putting much effort into cooking. All the ingredients are easily available at home and it is hassle-free to make. All you need is some fresh vegetables and a good Pav bhaji masala powder to prepare a lipsmacking Pav bhaji in a few minutes. Just make sure that you use a good quality Pav bhaji masala powder as it will create a huge difference in the taste of your dish. Our Pav bhaji masala powder will increase the taste of your Pav bhaji and will fill it with a tempting aroma.

So, this festival, invite all your loved ones and serve these delicious delicacies made with our blended spices. Spread sweetness everywhere and enjoy the beginning of summer solstice.