No, loose spices are not good.

Explaining the reasons as further:

- Why are loose spices not good?

- Why should you prefer packaged spices?

- But how can you tell if packaged spices are pure?

- Top 5 spices for your kitchen:

- Vasant Masala – A trusted brand for your spices:

● Why are loose spices not good?

If you have ever shopped Loose spices or have seen their sale, you would have noticed that those spices are sold without any packaging. Obviously, that justifies the reason they are recognised as ‘Loose spices’. According to an article published on the Food Safety Helpline, such spices have a high probability of adulteration.

Adulteration is the action of reducing the quality of a product by the addition of another substance. Such substance is often harmful for consumption and causes life-threatening diseases.

On the other hand, Packaged spices are packaged properly and lack the risk of being adulterated. If you purchase spices from our Vasant Masala, you can be completely relieved of this worry. Our spices are 100% pure.

● Why should you prefer packaged spices?

As stated earlier, packaged spices are free from adulteration or any sort of external mixing. Thus, such spices save your health from harmful chemicals and also contribute to its betterment.

Other reasons to prefer packaged spices are stated below.

- They are fresh.

- The raw materials used to make spices are of high-quality.

- They have a natural flavour and aroma that is retained until a long period of time.

- Packaged spices are manufactured by big brands. These brands assure the good quality of spices.

- Packaged spices are authentic.

● But how can you tell if packaged spices are pure?

Packaged spices are made using high-quality raw materials that are manufactured in hi-tech machinery. There is no use of bare hands in the entire process, and hence, they are highly pure. Assurance of this is that these spices are manufactured by renowned brands that have their reputation at stake, unlike the local vendors who sell loose spices and have nothing to lose. To be more assured of the same, you can check out the brand on the internet. You can know their origins and any guarantee they offer on their spices. Furthermore, you can also carry out simple tests to check out adulteration in these spices to be 100% assured.

● Vasant Masala – A trusted brand for your spices:

The founder of our Vasant Masala, Shri. Bapulal Bhandari believed that cheating customers is equal to cheating God.  Taking his belief ahead, we manufacture 100% pure spices only. We procure raw materials from the best of places and ensure high-quality and flavour of our spices. Furthermore, our spices are processed in neatly maintained hygienic facilities that are supervised by our experts. Our ‘Promise of quality’ is the cherry on the cake!

● Top 5 spices for your kitchen:

Thus, use Packaged spices and consume adulteration-free spices. Indian spices induce mouth-watering aroma and flavour in the food dishes. They are also great for health. These spices boost the immunity of the body while keeping various microbial infections at bay. They also reduce the risk of heart diseases and help in reducing body weight.

Here are the top 5 spices for your kitchen:

1) Turmeric Powder

2) Chilli Powder

3) Coriander Powder

4) Garam Masala

5) Cumin seeds

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