A severe stomach ache will always call in for a natural and quick remedy like ajwain. Ajwain or carom seeds are frequently used as the primary and most significant spice in Indian cuisine. Ajwain was first discovered and produced in our country. Due to its overpowering and potent odour, it is also known as "Ugra Gandha" in Sanskrit. The seeds have a variety of colours, from olive green to brown, and have a strong, bitter flavour. It is frequently used in curries and pickles because of its distinctive aroma and health advantages.

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Ajwain Seeds Are Also Known As

  1. English – Carom seeds, Bishop’s weed, Caraway Seeds, Thymol Seeds
  2. Indian – Ajwain, Ajovain 
  3. Spanish – Semillas de carambola
  4. German – Ajowan Samen
  5. French – Ajowan, Carambole grains

Uses of Ajwain Seeds

Carom seeds are an intriguing spice to add to curries since they give the food a distinct and rich flavour. The best way to use carom seeds is to rapidly fry them in grease or even dry roast them before adding them to a meal. Ajwain, commonly known as carom or thymol seeds, is a spice ingredient used in Indian cuisine. Tadka/ tempering is the best way to flavour the oil. 

If you wish to flavour your dish with a distinct flavour, crush the ajwain in a mortar and pestle or crush it between your palms and then add it to cooking.

Here are a few ways to use Ajwain/ Thymol Seed

  • Add a teaspoon of thymol seeds to plant-based foods like stir-fries, lentils, and beans. 
  • Deep-fried meals like pakoras and tempura taste better and digest more easily when carom seeds are incorporated.
  • Add thymol seeds to bread to add a hint of thyme flavour.
  • Additionally, thymol seeds can be added to fruit, soups, and spice rubs.
  • If you suffer from severe digestive issues and constipation, let these magical seeds soak in a glass of water overnight and make it the first thing you drink in the morning.
  • You could also make ajwain tea by boiling a teaspoon of carom seeds in a cup of water.

Health Benefits of Ajwain seeds

1) Aids in Digestion:

Ajwain seeds aid in bettering the digestive process. When the active enzymes in ajwain seeds are broken down, the stomach juices are released. This elevates the functioning of digestive processes in the body. 

  • The digestive juices in carom seeds relieve constipation to some extent and prevent stomach cramps and bloating.

2) Helps in weight loss:

Because ajwain seeds are laxative, they hasten digestion and make you use the restroom - keeping the digestive tract clear.

  • Ajwain can draw out healthy nutrients and prevent the body from storing an excessive amount of fat. Additionally, it quickens the body's metabolism, which aids in weight loss.
  • Carom seeds are a potent pain reliever, thanks to the thymol chemicals present in them. They can provide relief from toothaches, earaches, and headaches. Ajwain seeds can relieve headaches and migraines when they are crushed and applied to the temples of the head.
  • Earaches can be relieved by dabbing a few drops of carom seed oil on the outer part of the ear. Toothaches can be relieved by gargling with lukewarm water and soaking carom seeds three to four times per day.

3) Prevents premature hair greying:

Applying some carom seed paste on your hair or drinking a glass of water soaked in ajwain seeds, curry leaves and dry grapes can help you keep your scalp healthy and pre-mature hair from greying.

How to make Ajwain Seed Water:

Add this superfood to your diet quickly and give a boost to your overall health and immunity. Let's see how you can make Ajwain Seed Water. This is the best way to make the most out of carom seeds. 

Ajwain Seed Water:

Carom seed water is simple to make and contains all the healthy properties of carom seeds.


  • Carom seeds, 2 tablespoons
  • 2 cups of water


  • Heat a pot with water and carom seeds in it and bring it to a boil.
  • On a low to medium temperature, boil this mixture for 8 to 10 minutes. extinguish the fire
  • Afterwards, sieve and serve warm.

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