Let’s get straight to the point! You’re an NRI and you want to import authentic and pure Indian spices. So here are 6 things you should check before finalizing on one brand and placing your order.

● Quality of the Spices

● Quality of Raw Materials

● Locals' trust on the Brand

● Experience of the Brand in blending Spices

● Promises of the brand and User Experience

● Process and environment of blending

1. Quality of the Spices:

Indian Spices market is a clustered one. There are too many players offering different spices including basic ones such as Chilli Powder or ‘Lal Mirchi’, Asafoetida or Heeng, Cumin seeds, Mustard seeds, Turmeric Powder, Coriander and Cumin Powder etc. The competition is intense and for making quick money, many brands blends low quality spices using cheap raw materials. Before placing an order, one should make sure to test the quality of the product by ordering a sample of the spices. In this way, buyers will be aware about the quality of the spices they are getting and paying for.

Speaking of quality, Vasant Masala delivers the best quality Indian Spices that are 100% pure with the authentic taste of original Indian Spices.

2. Quality of Raw Materials:

Authentic Indian spices must be made from high quality raw materials sourced from the best places of India. Likewise, if you’re ordering Chili Powder or ‘Lal Mirch Powder’, the raw materials should’ve been sourced from Guntur, Andhra Pradesh as it is known for its deep red colour and pungent taste. Same goes with Turmeric Powder for which, the raw materials should’ve been sourced from Sangli, Maharashtra. Raw materials sourced from the best places will only be able to deliver the highest quality spices. Vasant Masala is known for sourcing best raw materials from the best places of India. Not only that, all the raw materials for the spices like Lal mirchi, Turmeric powder, Heeng, etc. are triple sifted to make sure only the best of the best enter the blending process.

3. Locals’ Trust on the Brand:

It is perhaps one of the most important aspects to consider before ordering Indian spices for overseas market. In Indian Spice market, trust is everything. There are players in the market whose advertisements will be everywhere but their customers don’t have trust on them. If the customers have put their faith in a particular brand for a long time, whether it’s small or big, you should consider ordering its spices. If you want spices from a trusted brand, Vasant Masala is highly recommended. It is one of the renowned spices brand in India which believes in delivering 100% pure spices to its customers. The founder of Vasant Masala, Late Shri. Bapulal Bhandari believed that cheating customer is like cheating God.

4. Experience of the brand in blending spices:

Spice companies usually don’t survive in the market if they can’t deliver the authentic Indian taste in their spices. If you’re planning to import pure Indian Spices, look for a brand that is experienced and well established in the market. Doesn’t matter whether it’s a big brand or a smaller one, if it’s there in the market delivering authentic spices to its happy customers since long, choose them first.

5. Promises of the Brand and its users experience:

In Indian Spices market, so many brands make false promises regarding the quality of the spices but in reality, they have very bad reviews about their products. That’s why it’s important to double check whether or not the brand is fulfilling the promises they’ve made to their customers. Talking about the promises and user experience, Vasant Masala is standing by their words since its inception and delivering ‘Promise of Quality’ to its consumers. You can also look for the customer reviews online for particular spices of Vasant Masala.

6. Process and Environment of blending:

Even if the brand has procured best quality raw materials from the best of the places, if the process of blending is not quality driven or the environment is not clean and hygienic, resulting quality of spices will be still very low. That’s why it is very important to know the technology that is being used by the brand to blend different spices. Vasant Masala uses high-end technology for blending spices and its quality driven process never allows low quality spices to get into the blending machine.

Vasant Masala values its customers and to delivers the best. They provide full customer support to the NRI buyers. To buy spices from our Vasant Masala, visit the e-store today. You can also shop on Amazon and Flipkart. If you want to buy from Vasant Masala in bulk, contact Vasant Masala at +91 79 26850140-41.