Chaat masala, a revered spice of the Indian kitchens, is widely used in making Indian snacks and chaats. This spice tantalises the taste buds and gives an exciting twist to the boring food.

In this blog, explore a few interesting dishes which can be made using Chaat masala.

• Potato Cheese Grilled Sandwich

Cheese is love and so are sandwiches! And when a combination has both of them along with a kick of chaat masala, your taste buds will not stop craving for more. The cheese in the sandwich gives a nice, gooey texture whereas the chaat masala adds the element of spice to it. What’s more, is that this dish will be loved by all!

• Schezwan Noodle Frankie

Have you been worried about cooking the right dish for your child’s lunchbox? Schezwan Noodle Frankie can solve this problem for once and all. This healthy dish made from the goodness of wheat which is used in makingFrankie and packed with spices which boost the immunity. These spices, especially the chat masala add the necessary punch of flavour to the dish and elevate its taste. Thus, your child will be happy with the taste and you will be assured about its nutrition too.

• Chatpata Paneer Burger

Burgers are rapidly gaining popularity across the urban cities of India. Though junk food, it can be made healthy by using Indian spices like Chaat masala. Along with increasing its nutritional value, this Chaat masala will also give a savoury punch to your burger. Adding paneer to it will make it a win-win dish.

• Makai Khumbh Jalfrazie Roll

Doing justice to its name, this recipe is as interesting the name sounds. With loads of corn, an interesting mix of vegetables, chunks of paneer, and a tantalising spice like chaat masala; this dish is an ode to perfection. The vegetables in this recipe are open-end i.e., you can use whichever vegetable you like. Also, adding paneer is a choice. Those who are not fond of paneer can skip it entirely.

• Aloo Chaat Taco

This popular Indian snack is back with an interesting twist. The idea is to merge flavours of the west with the east. Hence, the traditional filling of aloo chaat is added in the Mexican tortillas. To give it an interesting taste, chaat masala is not only added in the aloo filling but also sprinkled upon the taco.

Hence, try making these recipes today and impress your loved ones. To buy Chaat masala online, visit our e-store today.