● Role of Indian spices in cooking:

Indian spices play a major role in Indian cooking. They enhance the flavour of the food i.e., from the raw bland taste of raw vegetables, it makes the food sweet, spicy, savoury, etc.  The irresistible smell you often enjoy in Indian food is due to those spices. Moreover, the beautiful colour of those dishes is because of those spices. In addition to this, Indian spices also contribute to the good health of the body. They boost the immunity, keep away from infections, and contribute to the well-being of the body.  Ensure that you use 100% pure Indian spices only to get maximum benefits and a natural flavour.

● 5 Essential Indian spices for cooking:

- Turmeric powder

- Chilli powder

- Coriander powder

- Garam masala

- Cumin seeds

1. Turmeric powder:

Turmeric powder is being used in Indian cooking for nearly 4000 years. It has a pungent flavour and is widely used to add a bright yellow colour to the food dishes such as curries, sabjis, appetizers, soups, etc. It also has many medicinal properties.

Made from turmeric procured from one of the finest Turmeric powder producing cities of India, Vasant Turmeric Powder is processed in neatly maintained hygienic conditions and hence, is 100% pure. Moreover, it is rich in Curcumin which reduces inflammation, keeps you away from microbial infection, and boosts the immunity of the body.

To include more Curcumin in your diet, you can also use Vasant Natural Turmeric Powder.

2. Chilli powder:

Chilli powder is a popular spice that is used in cuisines across the world. It is often used to add a tinge of spice to the dishes. Depending upon the chilli used to make the chilli powder, its spice quotient varies. Chilli powder is often used in curries, sabjis, appetizers, soups, etc. dishes that require a spicy tinge.

At Vasant Masala, we procure our chillies from Guntur, Andhra Pradesh to prepare fresh Vasant Chilli Powder. The chillies are further processed in neat and clean facilities to preserve the natural flavour of the chillies and give it a fresh red colour. Moreover, our chilli powder helps in weight loss, if it is consumed in the right quantities.

If you prefer mild flavour in your food, you must opt for Vasant Kumthi Kashmiri Chill Powder.

3. Coriander powder:

Coriander powder is a spice that balances the flavour of any food dish. It has a nutty flavour and a beautiful aroma. Using coriander powder is starters, curries, and sabjis can balance the flavour of a dish and thus, enhance the flavour of the dish, overall.

Procured from Ramganj Mandi in Rajasthan, the seeds of Vasant Coriander Powder are of highest quality. Hence, they provide a fresh and rich taste to our Coriander powder and also protect your digestive health. As it is prepared in our hygienic factories, our Coriander Powder is 100% pure.  

4. Garam masala:

A must-have spice for Indian cooking, Garam masala is a perfect and balanced mix of various spices. It is often the secret of Indian sabjis that are so flavourful and aromatic. Because it is strong in flavour, it should be used in measured quantities. It also has many medicinal properties.

Made from a flavourful blend of 17 basic spices, Vasant Garam Masala is a must-have spice in the Indian kitchen. Unlike other Garam masalas, our Garam masala is comparatively milder in taste and yet gives a beautiful aroma to the food dishes. Use it sabjis, namkeen, or dal and enjoy a wholesome taste.

For a Rajwadi flavour, you can also use Vasant Rajwadi Garam masala.

5. Cumin seeds:

Cumin seeds are a whole spice and are used frequently in Indian cooking. They have a nutty yet mild flavour and are often used in tadkas and dal for an aromatic vibe and rich taste. Like most of the Indian spices, this spice is also great for health.

Vasant Cumin seeds are procured from Unjha region of Gujarat. These cumin seeds are fresh and further cleaned in our factories to ensure that you get good-quality spice only. Their freshness gives a pleasing nutty flavour to the food dishes. Moreover, it cures many digestive disorders as well.

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