As the best season to buy spices is almost here, get ready for a spice bonanza. Buy basic spices in bulk for a whole year and stay away from the trouble of purchasing it every other month.

But storing such spices in bulk can be a difficult task.There have been incidents when the spices lose their original flavour and sometimes even their original colour turns pale. This happens due to the lack of proper measures taken to store those spices.

Hence, beware.Take proper measures like the ones given below to avoid such incidents. You will also end up storing your spices in the best possible way.

1. Don’t roast Indian spices

When you roast a spice, the steam which is generated while roasting itinstillsmoisture in it. This moisture can decrease the shelf life of your spices. Also, it can decrease its flavour. Hence, just store the basic spices as they are. Also, don’t use a wet spoon to use them. Moisture can be inculcated even when the spice comes in contact with water.

2. Don’t store them in transparent containers

Everything that glitters is not gold. In a similar way, transparent containers look good but if you have to store spices in them, then they are not a good choice. These containers invite direct light in them which can affect the flavour of the spice and decrease its usability.Hence, use opaque containers only. To ease the trouble of finding them, you can label each container with their appropriate names.

3. Don’t store Indian spices in hot places

Indian spices are sensitive to hot temperatures. As mentioned above, such temperatures can decrease its life. Thus, when you store your spices, don’t store them in hot areas of your house. Store them in cool and dark areas where less light is received. This way, you can preserve the flavour of your spices while retaining its shelf life as well.

4. Check on them regularly

Anything is well-maintained if regular attention is paid to them. It works in a similar way for spices, especially when you store them in bulk. Hence, keep a regular tab on them. Do the necessary cleaning. This will keep the spices from degrading.

So, buy spices in bulk and store them well. Also, unlike every year, you can avoid standing in long and tiring queues. Just buy spices online from Vasant Masala. To place an order, visit our e-store or e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Flipkart or Paytm.

Fresh-ground spices are especially flavorful.