Spices and herbs are the soul of various cuisines around the world. But when we talk about them, it is important that we talk about India as this is the country is the King of Spices. Derived from barks, leaves, stems, trunks, fruits and flowers; Indian spices and herbs have been savoured across the world for centuries for their medicinal and culinary value.

Many spices manufacturers in India also export these spices to other countries. So, through this blog, let us have a look at some unknown figures and facts about these masalas and our masala industry:

1. More than 60 different spices

There are more than 60 species of spices that are widely grown in our country. India is the only nation in the entire world to grow all the types of spices. This country has a huge contribution to the spice market on a global platform. Production of these spices has given a significant contribution to the GDP of India. And this industry is one of the only industries, which hasn’t left its traditional approach of production. This masala industry has also given the financial stability and security to the small and medium scale farmers.

2. Largest country to produce spices

Among all other countries, ours is on top in producing and exporting the spices with a production recorded of approximately 1 Cr MT worth billions of Dollars. With the advent of technological advancements in the production and marketing segments, there has a boom in the spices industry. This has made traders and farmers independent by increasing the business opportunities and revenue.

3. Tough efforts by the Government

To give a boost to this industry, even the Government and various educational institutes have also played their role. They arrange a number of seminars to spread the awareness about the latest techniques and technologies to have healthy crop cultivations. According to the Director of Indian Institute of Spice Research, the global market is estimated to reach $18 billion by the year of 2020 of which Indian share would be somewhat around $5 billion which is not less!

4. Indian spices are largely exported

India is the country from which maximum spices are exported to outside countries. Apart from this, processed spices also have a great portion in the export to other countries. Mint products, spice oils and spice mix powders are to name a few.

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